Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer Rewind III

If you've missed 'em, check out some fun things that happened this summer that I never got around to blogging here and here


Workman's Creek Camping Trip
This summer, my family and I got our camp on up at Workman's Creek.
It's Northeast-ish (I think?) of the Valley; my sister's boyfriend Adam picked out the spot...and it was indeed, a good spot!
So good in fact, that we let him and the rest of them men set things up. 
Things like the tarp,
The garbage can,
and the dishes.
Don't worry, my mom, my sister and I got around to doing our share of the dishes...eventually.
We make doing dishes look goooooood.

The dogs were a little pissed they were forbidden from the tent...

Since Nate and I got there late Friday night, we didn't waste time getting to the fun stuff; i.e. hiking

Shortly after we got there Friday night, Maycee ripped one of her pads pretty bad so she couldn't come on any of our hikes...bummer for her...yay for Gunny who was loving not having to compete for Dad's attention. 
We learned that in his previous life, Gunther was a Billy Goat. We already knew the dude gotts hops, but it was a little out of control this weekend.

After Nate and Adam climbed on top of these rocks...you bet Gunther was close behind. One giant leap and a few steps and he made it up all by himself...
...and then needed a little help puttin' on the brakes

Ham-bone, conversely, was much less eager to climb on things...or even walk quickly for that matter. But that's ok, cause he's Uncle Hammy and we love him and we wait for him when he needs a breather. 

And Xena...well Xena had a pretty good gig going on.
Oddly enough, she looks pretty pissed about it.

Adam also took us to some water holes that we, well, tried to frolic in. The water was pretty dang cold...
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
It took a little coaxing but my mom and I decided we wouldn't let the cold water defeat us and in we went!...followed by a few screams of course.

Sidenote: check out this picture my dad randomly took from Kinder Creek (if you missed the post, check it out here)
Now look at this picture my dad randomly took during this camping trip:
Funny right?! Mom and I in the background, in the water in both, candid, and Gun-dog up front. I was scrolling through my pictures and I was like, waaaiiit a minute!!

Sidenote: Not sure if you can tell by this picture...but is it weird that two out of four people in this picture are making out snuggling with their dogs??
It certainly wasn't me...or my mom.

After we swam and hung out at the water holes, we headed back to camp to relax the rest of the evening. Adam cooked up some delish carne asada for dinner (as he always does), we ate some red vines, drank some bahama mama's, and played some serious air guitar. ...at least I did. 

I kinda felt bad for Hammy, cause my mom brought him blankets and a little cushion to lay on, and it was working out quite nicely for him and Xena...
...Until we showed up with the labs
So then Hamick was like, "Nuh uh! Fine, I'll go take Maycee's cage!"
And then Mayce was like "Nuh uh! I want that too!"
Poor guy.
It's sad and funny all wrapped up in one.

Can't wait for the next trip!

(GVK 2012)

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