Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer Rewind Part II

DIY Day Summer Edition
I was a little late on the summer crafting thing this year, but I figured better late than never right? And what better way to start late than with mom and a DIY day?

I wanted to make a summer wreath inspired by Emily over at 52 Mantels, and this was my best shot:
Eh, not too shabby right?

While I started on my summer wreath my mom got a head start on her Christmas crafting and began a Christmas wreath:
I didn't get an "after" shot cause she finished it the next day when I wasn't around.

For my wreath, I took fabric that my mom had left over and simply wrapped it around those styrofoam-ish looking wreaths and secured it with pins (see, this is why I'm not a craft blogger...I have poor descriptive skills. Clearly.)
Then I took burlap and folded strips of it like an accordion and fastened them down by tying rope around them. As far as the decor part of it, I just kinda winged it (winged?); picked out what I thought might work at the craft store and ran with it.
One trip to Michael's and two trips to Hobby Lobby's later, I had my masterpiece!

I must give credit where credit is due, however...and Gun dog deserves a little credit for being my helper for the day.

Next, we took a shot at these DIY air fresheners my mom found online.
All they are, are (are are?) baking soda mixed with essential oils and some scrapbook paper to make a cute lid. Punch some holes in the paper and voila, you have yourself an air freshener!
However, I will say, that while you can always smell the essential oil when you put your nose up the jar and take a big whiff, it doesn't seem like these put out a lot of scent if they're just sitting in your living room or something. I ended up moving them to small spaces, like my hall closet, or bathroom and it seems you can smell them better that way.

I'm pretty pumped for DIY Day Holiday Edition. 
I'm pretty sure the Holiday Edition will be the mother of all DIY Editions.


  1. good idea!!! I was going to say putting them in the kitchen pantry, or next to the laundry hamper in the closet :)

  2. You should invite me to DIY Day Holiday Edition. Just saying.....



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