Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This weekend was good to me for a number of reasons.

Reason #1:
GLEE in 3D! My mom and I went to see the new Glee concert movie and I totally lost my 3D movie V-card, if you know what I mean. I had never seen a movie in 3D before and what better movie to start with than Glee?! Since it was my first time sporting the awesome and totally flattering 3D glasses I thought it was only appropriate to take a picture in them.

Needless to say we enjoyed the movie, along with our popcorn, red vines, peanut butter M&M's, and diet coke...we're watching our figures, after all.
The movie was awesome, Puck is hotttt, I wish I sang like Rachel, I wish I danced like Brittany, and the Warblers are too cool for school.

Reason #2
The D-backs! 
Saturday Nate and I went to the Dbacks game as part of a promotional thing his company was offering. I hadn't been to a baseball game in a while, so this was long over due and much enjoyed! AND...how 'bout them Dbacks eh?! 2 game lead in 1st place in the NL West... not too shabby! AND we won the game, AND Nate actually attended a baseball game! (we all know how much Nate loooooves baseball)

Can you tell he looks happy to be there??

Reason #3
Pool partaay!
We had a pool volleyball tournament with both our families over at my parents house on Sunday....and my team, composed of the lovely and talented Sherri Townsend, Carl Townsend, my dad, and my sister Audrey's bf Adam, won 2 out of the 3...I'm just sayin'. So since Nate was on the losing team it means I have household bragging rights for at least, like, the next 10 years (I never have bragging rights so I gotta milk it for what it's worth ok?). 
We lost two balls to the neighbor's yard and one to the alley. But have no fear, Adam is here!

Can you find the action shot here?

This one's a framer, my favorite of the weekend =) ...just missing Jess =(

And because a pool party would not be complete without dessert...AND because I can't seem to go one blog post without mentioning dessert...
BEHOLD! I give you,

Scoops upon scoops of ice cream on top of a brownie, and ice cream sandwiches with layers of cool whip, chocolate sauce, and caramel, topped with your choice of Reese's Peanut Butter cups, or peanuts and Maraschino cherries, is the other masterpiece pictured here. 

Just these treats alone is enough to make it a good weekend for me, so all the rest of it is extra icing on the cake (no pun intended...)


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