Friday, May 25, 2012

Here Come the Water Works

So I'm totally late on posting this (dang you real life things getting in the way of my blog life things) but no one has to know that this happened last weekend right?!...

At any rate, the dogs declared the "official" start of summer by having their first swim of the season! 
Every time I've been over at my parents house with them, for like, the last month, they sit at  the pool gate and whine. I kept telling them that the water was still just too cold, and they'd keep telling me that they're labs and they really don't care...and keep whining.

So dramatic, those labs.

So not only did Maycee and Gunther kick off summer with a good swim, we had a special guest with us last weekend...
My sister-in-law Jessica got a new puppy.
And her name is Daisy.
And she's a black lab.
And she looks like a mini-Maycee.
And she gives me puppy fever.
And she's so cute.
...And she gives me puppy fever.
Jessica had been mentioning how much she loves water so Nate and I suggested she come over and we take her swimming and see how she did.
And I tell ya...girl loves some swimmin'! All it took was a little coaxing, but as soon as Jessica would get in the water Daisy would get in right after her. She was even jumping in off the side! Which is a far cry from the first time we took either of ours swimming.

I was definitely impressed by little Miss Daisy.
I felt kinda bad for her cause Maycee and Gunny were running around the deck like maniacs so Daisy didn't really have time to check things out at her own pace and had to try and avoid being barreled over and knocked into the pool by the big ones.

So dramatic, those labs.

Nate was the one that decided to go in all the way and frolic with the pups cause quite frankly, if you're not a lab, the water was still pretty cold.
However, I did have a change of heart when I went back over the following day to lay out and get my tan on. The water was sounding pretty good as I was laying there baking in the sun...I sure didn't hesitate to jump in then!

The problem, though, with actually going underwater and swimming around, is that Gunther gets this weird separation anxiety thing going on and literally chases after you. And then Maycee chases after Gunny cause...well for no good reason really.
Exhibit A.
This video is good for a number of reasons:
1.) You can see Gunther chase after Nate 
2.) You can see Daisy jump in the water
3.) You can see Gunny try and bite Nate's face off when he comes back up for air at about the 40 second marker

The dogs swam and swam until we made them get out.
Then we went home and the slept for a little...
and started playing again.

Labs, I tell ya.


  1. My parents have a black lab and my sister just got a golden one! We cannot keep them out of the pool! They are crazy ones when it comes to swimming!

  2. They are adorbs!! And daisy is too cute :) I have a chocolate lab that stays at my mamas.. Best dog ever :)



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