Wednesday, February 29, 2012


What I'm loving Wednesday!
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I'm loving that my sister pulled double duty today in family good deeds: 
1.) Picked up my mom from the airport
2.) Rescued her furbaby niece and nephew (ahem, Maycee and Gunny) from my house while I was at work so they didn't have to be in their kennels all some sort of caged animals right? 
Bonus points for you today Audrey =)

I'm loving that my mom is back in town from her Seattle excursion

I'm loving that today is leap day! 

I love when I label the dogs' food bags to take to grandma's house and they read "Mace" and "Guns"...heheh

I'm loving that my dear friend Kristy and her husband will be in AZ in April...woop woop!

I'm loving this:
 ...And there you have it folks

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