Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

You know what that means...

It's OK
To turn your frosted mini-wheats right side up in order to see which ones have the most frosting...and eat those first

To put one...or 2 extra shots of espresso in your skinny vanilla latte before your research methods/stats class

To be Republican...that's right, I said it

If your husband thinks your new blog layout is ugly...whatever, he just can't appreciate polka dots and a deep purple like I can

If it looks like you're packing for a weekend getaway when you leave for work and school in the morning...what I can I say, I love me some snacks!

If your Erin Condren Lifeplanner makes your purse heavy...totally worth the sacrifice

If you can't go one blog post without mentioning your Erin Condren Lifeplanner

To get excited when the Suns win TWO, count 'em TWO games in a row

To cry because you have SO much homework due all at the same time and no time to do it all in

To be a mouth-breather because your allergies have your nose all stuffed up

To day dream about next week being OVER cause that means:
your economics class will be DONE
Research paper will be DONE
 Presentation on said research paper will be DONE
Stats quiz #2 will be DONE

...pray for me =)


  1. hehehe!! mouth breather who packs for vacation just on a regular day of work!!! mee too!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ohh emm gee... I TOTALLY turn my mini-wheats so the frosting is facing up and I love my Erin Condren planner so much that I find myself making up things to write in it... oops! :)

  3. Mckenzie...if this were facebook I would totally "like" your comment =) haha!

  4. Hey! I got your comment, but was unable to reply to it, I don't think you're set up to receive e-mails through blogger, if you update your profile on the blogger dashboard, you should see a place to put an e-mail address. I was going to send you some information that helped me with my blog button that I received from a fellow blogger, so you can e-mail me at to get that! Hopefully the e-mail set-up works, if not let me know, and I'll see where else you may be able to enter your e-mail address in order for people to respond to your comments!



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