Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

So while I was out blog stalking today, I landed on this blog that I really can't even remember how I got there, but nonetheless, was freakin' adorable! She has this "It's Ok Thursdays" thing that she does where on Thursdays she writes about anything that's "OK" for her, for the day, or anything fun, random, and quirky!

"What a fun Idea!!" You say?!
My thoughts exactly.

So you can check out her blog by clicking on the button above (at least I hope I linked it right!), and here goes my very first "It's OK Thursday!"

 It's OK...

 To give up on trying to keep your husband's side of the room clean...ain't never gonna happen!

For me to talk crap about the Suns and how much they lose this season...cause I'm a Suns fan...but any other non-Suns fans...don't even think about it.
Curse my love and devotion for those Phoenix Suns...

To blog before you homework

To house clean before you homework

To be OK with a little dog hair in your bed if it means quality snuggle time with the pooches

To count anything with dark chocolate in it as "healthy"

To check and see if there's a burglar hiding behind your shower curtain before you use the bathroom
That one's for you Charlene, I know we can't be the only ones! =)

To refuse to go grocery shopping by yourself...cause let's face it...the grocery store is scary

What's ok with you today?!

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