Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet Fang

Last February Nate and I went Javelina hunting and he killed this guy
Why am I not posing with my own dead javelina you ask? Well that's because I shot...and missed...twice. But we won't rehash silly details, Nate will just rub it in.

Anyway, when Nate kills an animal and it later comes home to adorn our living room wall I like to give them names (remember Bucky?).

With that being said, meet Fang
Fang is also from southern Arizona but so far seems to be enjoying his new dwelling in the Valley. Fang is a little rough around the edges, in fact, he's earned the nickname "The Intimidator." I feel kinda bad for Bucky, since they sit on opposite sides of the living room Fang stares at Bucky all day and gives him the stink-eye...poor Bucky. 

Fang enjoys a birds-eye view of the television, prime backyard scenery via the sliding glass door, and really gives Bucky a run for his money at the quiet game. While Fang has a whole wall to himself he gets pretty territorial about "his side" of the couch. Don't worry though, Nate sets him straight real quick! 

Do I feel like my living room is starting to look like some display out of Cabela's?
Why yes, yes I do.

But that's ok, cause it just means my husband is that much more BA.

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