Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hey DJ

I've been out of blank CD's for a while now, so all the songs I've been purchasing on itunes have been sitting on my computer as opposed to on a cd playing in my car stereo-which, if we're being honest here, is the best place to play music. So I finally purchased some blank CD's not too long ago, burned my new music onto them and switched out all 6...count 'em 6, CD's in my disc changer. That's 6 CD's worth of new music playing in my car. 
I'm in love.
So after listening to them for a while now I wanted to hand out some awards to my new CD's. You know how magazine's do like "Reader's Choice" awards and stuff for beauty products and what-have-you? Well, consider this the Rissa Music Awards. Very exciting isn't it?!

Song most likely to make you dance even when you're in a bad mood and don't feel like it
This one is a tie (I know, my first award and it's a tie, kinda lame)
OneRepublic: "Good Life"
Mat Kearny: "Count on me"
Just tonight I was pretty cranky leaving work and I really wasn't in a mood to bop around and sing to the music, but when these came on...there's really just no stopping it

Best song to snap you out of a self-pity party
Matt Maher: "Rise Up"
Seriously, You'll snap out of it real quick. If you need encouragement, listen ups buttercups!

Best Song to feed your super fierce girl power alter-ego attitude
Pistol Annies: "Hell on Heels"
One word: RAWR!!

Song most worth blowing out your speakers for
The City Harmonic: "Manifesto"
1.) Turn up volume
2.) Turn up volume louder
3.) Stick hands out window up to the sky
4.) Sing it out to Jesus!

Most Played
NEEDTOBREATHE: "The Reckoning"
I was waiting and waiting for this album to come out. Then I saw them live when they opened up for T-Swift and it just reconfirmed my love affair for this group. My favorite song (so far) on the album is "Slumber"...kind of a weird video, but nonetheless, an awesome song!

Best Chill out Song for the drive home
Colbie Caillat: "Make it Rain"
I'm totally lovin' this song; it reminds me of her first album, acoustic, mellow'ed out, and adorable lyrics

So there you have it.
Heaven in your ears.
 Talk radio is taking a back seat to my cool new home-made CD's lately (shocker, I know). But anything that puts me in a good mood is certainly welcomed!

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