Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Productivity

So today my mom and I baked Christmas goodies.
Lots of them.
And it was awesome.

My mom has always done a lot of baking around the holidays and as my sister and I have gotten older we  started to make it an annual thing where we all get together, have the Christmas music on and bake all day. There's a few recipes that we always make each year, cause they're SO delish it just wouldn't be Christmas without them, and then some years we pick out new recipes to try too! While the actual baking is not something I typically enjoy, we always manage to have fun doing it. Like for example, a year or two ago, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" came on the radio while we were baking, and my mom and I pretty much dissolved into a two-woman song and dance show.
...We'll be here all season.
So you know, things get pretty cuh-rayzee 'round these parts.

This year, however, we managed to stay on task. In fact, throughout our baking diligence we began to notice a pattern developing in each recipe we began. We pretty much needed only two ingredients:
1.) Chocolate
2.) Peanut butter
...which is totally fine by me cause I could get by on just chocolate and peanut butter. But if you're an outsider looking in you may be disappointed in the lack of variety...which is also fine by me cause I told my mom we're not sharing all the double and triple batches of chocolate we baked, so you wouldn't be getting any anyways.'s that for holiday spirit eh?

You should see what the inside of the fridge looks like
And that about sums it up.

Later on my parents put up their Christmas tree so my sister and I (and our men) helped decorate it...which has also become somewhat of an annual thing, since their tree is still decorated with ornaments my sister and I made in like, 1st grade.
Exhibit A.

Santa baby...

Lovin' all the Christmas festivities!

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  1. sister o sister! look at all those goodies!! nice work!



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