Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty...

If there was ever a rivalry I underestimated (i.e. peanut butter vs jelly, myspace vs facebook, nsync vs. backstreet boys, and so on and so forth) it would be that of the dog and the cat.

I used to think that the dog vs. cat thing was simply a myth. I mean, I know lots of households where the two species peacefully coexist. This is not the case, however with my two labs. You see, we do not own any cats, in fact, cats make me nervous...but that's besides the point. ... Anyway, my next door neighbor has cats and they like to strut their stuff on top of my brick wall taunting my dogs, and suddenly, folks, the battle for middle earth has ensued right in my own backyard! Maycee's fur puffs up like a blow fish, making all kinds of growls and scowls and barking noises, while her eyes turn red and smoke comes out of her ears. ...well not really, that last part, but just about. All while the stinkin' cat hisses and claws at her from atop the wall. Gunther even makes noise at the cat and Gunther NEVER barks...except when he wants to be fed... or wants to chew on the empty water bottle I just finished. He's learned that if he can get a running start he can sort of ricochet off of the poop bucket to get a few extra inches on the wall;  by doing so he almost took off the cats tail the other day. One point for Gunther.

Every morning when a new battle begins I am tempted to let them duke it out amongst themselves. I always chicken out though...not for fear of losing; after all it's two dogs against one cat and, let's face it, my dogs are pretty BA. But mostly just because I do like my next door neighbor and I'd probably feel kind of bad if one of mine injured one of hers. ...that and my other next door neighbor who I actually strongly dislike, always makes up bogus complaints to the HOA about our dogs and I certainly can't give him any ammunition. So instead of unleashing a can of whoop-@$$, I'll simply have to settle for some canine intimidation tactics courtesy of Mace and Gun-Dog that'll leave that kitty running for the door yelling,
"Who let the dogs out??"

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