Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Things

As I came to sit down and blog tonight, I grabbed my phone charger so that I could download pictures from my phone onto my computer and Nate goes, "Uh-oh are you going to take more wine selfies?" And then proceeded to make stupid faces trying to imitate me taking wine selfies, I guess. For the record, I don't make stupid faces when I take wine selfies and the only reason I take wine selfies is because when I snap my friends pictures of me drinking wine they usually snap me back, pictures of them drinking wine because my friends and I are usually on the same alcohol consumption schedule and so it starts to feel like a virtual happy hour and who doesn't want to partake in a virtual happy hour with friends?? Haters gonna hate...Naters gonna Nate.

This weekend has been a good one. Saturday Nate and I woke up at 4:20am to go bird hunting with his dad, brother, and two buddies. When you wake up at 4:20am and don't get a nap when you get home, it makes for a long day. Which is good and bad because I'm tired and slightly cranky but good because it makes for a realllllllly long day...and the longer you can make the weekends feel, the better.

We ended up leaving with a pretty successful morning under our belts.
I should probably say "they" more than "we" because I'm the only that didn't shoot any birds. So really, I didn't actually contribute at all, to the success of the morning. But hey, not shooting any birds means not having to clean any birds soooooo silver lining?
Bird hunting with me usually sounds something like:
Anyone I'm hunting with: "Rissa overhead"
Me: "Where??!"

Anyone I'm hunting with: Rissa, on the left!!
Me: "Wait, where?!!"

Anyone I'm hunting with: "That's all you, Riss, high flyers over top!"
Me: "Ahhh I wasn't ready!!"

Anyone I'm hunting with: "Rissa coming in on your your right!!"
Me: *shoots* ..."swing and a miss"

For the record, I've never claimed to be good at this, but I go anyway cause it's fun and pumping my shotgun when it makes that "chkkk chkkkk" noise, is probably my favorite part.
Nate keeps trying to console me telling me he didn't shoot any birds his first year of Dove hunting either so I'm holding tight onto my second year of Dove hunting.

Saturday afternoon, despite my lack of naps, really turned out to be a good one. I got a new firearm, a new purse to carry it in, a bunch of accessories for it, and went to the shooting range to shoot said firearm. I went to Nate earlier this week and told him I'd been thinking long and hard about wanting a firearm I could carry with me and bada-boom-bada-bing by the time Saturday rolled around I had a new concealed-carry weapon. Perks of being married to a firearms enthusiast, I tell ya.

Sunday was pretty low-key - Nate and I tried a new breakfast place, went to my parents house for a little bit, then came home and I finished watching the D-backs game, started watching the Cardinals game, and then started blogging. 

In the midst of today, a Sunday, when a lot of people aren't paying too much attention, it's the 15th anniversary of September 11th. 9/11 is always an emotional thing for me - I force myself to watch all the videos, the montages, the tributes, the moments of silence, because it's important to never forget. I cry at all of them; all the stories, all the details - but I make myself watch them - all of them, because it's important to never forget. When I was a kid I remember my dad telling me, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." I stand for freedom - for the United States of America. For democracy. I stand for our colors, for our resolve, for the best country on the face of the earth. I stand for the National Anthem. I stand for us, because we're far from perfect, but I challenge you to find somewhere better. I love being an American. I hope you do too.

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