Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 New Year's Resolutions (A month or so late but who's counting)

I'm gonna start this post off and just come out and say it...I realize it's February and I'm just now posting new years resolutions but 1.) Forgive me cause I'm lazy, and 2.) It's a good excuse for a blog post right?? Also, my friend sent me this and it re-inspired me to write this post even though I'm a month late:
Yolo right?...I've gotta stop saying that so much. ..But not enough to put it in my new years resolutions cause yolo, I kind of like it.

So, without further ado, here are my top ten New Year's Resolutions for no particular order:

1.) First and foremost, I resolve to not drink less wine

2.) Secondly, eat less cheese and bread to make up for the not drinking less wine

3.) Blog more

4.) Stop biting my nails...but only in front of Nate so I don't get yelled at

5.) I'm committing to washing my face better this year so as to avoid getting face wash in my eyes so often. Face wash gets in my eyes at least once a week you guys and I don't get it. Am I not good at washing my face? Am I doing it wrong? Using the wrong technique? Am I not being careful enough? Whatever it is, it really burns and I'm tired of it. I need to be better at washing my face.

6.) This year I resolve to being a more aggressive driver. If you drive on the 60 in the far right lanes that you know are ending, just to cut everybody off and get ahead...I hate you. I mean, I don't hate you I'm being dramatic, but I really don't like that and I'm not letting it happen anymore MMK?? So cut the shit, I won't let you over.

7.) Be less afraid of bees

8.) Make more money so that Nate can be a stay-at-home husband. .....he told me just right now to write that...

9.) Learn the actual words to a Sia song. Does anyone really know what she's saying?

10.) Lastly, in 2016 I resolve to take back my spot on the bed. For some reason Gunther thinks that spot somehow belongs to him but dammit, that's my spot and I want it back

Happy new (and slightly already used) year friends!

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