Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Lot of Things in One Post Because I'm Too Lazy to Break it Up Into Two

Hi hello friends! I've been sitting here watching this cursor blink for a while now trying to think of a clever way to start this post, but since I can't think of anything I'm just gonna go with "hi." It's been a couple weeks since I've last posted and since I've had couple fun things go down so let's talk about them shall we? ...mostly because I can't really think of anything else to blog about.

A couple weeks back I had the opportunity to travel for work, which on the surface doesn't sound fun, but A.) having to travel for work really makes me feel like a grown-up and that I'm like, important enough to have to go places where people want me to participate in things, and B.) anything is fun when you have the best coworker ever and you always make lemons out of lemonade. ...figuratively that is, we didn't actually make lemonade or anything.

We had the most packed itinerary and meetings and team dinners back to back to back, so my coworker, Bernadette, and I were left with no choice but to take an Uber 30 minutes into Chicago at 9pm when all the 'work' activities were done. The bad: all my pictures of the city of chicago are at night time, mostly hanging out of the side of an Uber. The good: our Uber driver was THE BEST. We got in the car and he's like "So where are you headed tonight?" and we go, "Well actually we need your help!" ...probably every Uber driver's worst nightmare but whatevs. He drove us around and told us what we needed to see and he even got out and took a few pictures for us.

We went to Millennium park and saw "the Bean,"
It's kind of cool how you can see the reflection of the skyline in it. 

Then we walked down a few blocks to the river and the Trump tower and we stopped and enjoyed a beer underneath all the city lights. It was quite perfect if I do say so myself.
We were running on fumes by the time it was time to go home, but totally worth all of the missed hours of sleep.

By the time I got home it was time for my last baseball game of the year. Which is sad because the Diamondbacks miss yet another year of playoff baseball, but it was also happy because please just look at how close I was to Paul Goldschmidt:
I'm almost positive we almost made eye contact. I love it when my husband takes me to go see my boyfriend. It's a win-win, really.
Until next year, Chase field.

While baseball was winding down for Arizona, so too was my husband's class at the policy academy. After 20 (TWENTY) weeks, it was finally time for him to graduate and become a real-live police officer. 
We were able to go to the Academy in the morning for a few festivities, a tour of the campus, and an orientation for friends and family. 
Then the actual ceremony was off-site later on in the afternoon. He was presented his badge, and then his badge was pinned, and then they were sworn in, and just like that he was too legit to quit.
I remember him as a kid stirring up trouble and riding his skateboard everywhere and now he's a police officer all protecting the community and stuff. Life is so crazy. 
We celebrated Nathan and his graduation the next day with a big 'ol party with so much food and so many friends and family and lots and lots of cornhole. It was the best time.
So good in fact that I was so busy eating food and hanging out and having a good time that I hardly took a single picture. very un-like me. And very un-blogger of me. But I suppose those are the best kinds of parties right?

You wanna know who else is a pretty dang good party? Garth freakin Brooks. I saw it first hand this weekend when I went to his show - the first time in some 19 years he had been back to Phoenix. I went with two of my favorite Lindholms, Kenny and Kayla:
I love third-wheelin' it because all my friends like me more than their husbands. At least that's what they tell me ;)
Anyway, the show was absolutely amazing. Like, probably the best live show I've ever seen (maybe with the exception of George Strait cause George is king). That guy just doesn't stop and he literally runs laps around that stage and he's out of breath and he keeps singing and you would never even know and he sounds so good and omg I didn't want it to end. Garth is life. Please never stop touring.

So I think that wraps up all the fun things that have been happening lately. I organized my guest bedroom and cleaned off my desk and shredded a bunch of papers today but since that's not as fun as all of the aforementioned items, I didn't include it here. Although I will say it was an impressive amount of papers that I shredded. ...shredded is a word right?

Happy Monday friends!

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