Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Weekend That Wasn't Super Exciting but Also Not Super Boring

Guess what I'm doing on this Sunday night while I write this blog post?.....I'm drinking red wine and eating red vines. That's funny cause it's like, kind of a tongue twister and sounds funny when you say it and they're kind of the same except not. Here, I'll show you:
My life is so fancy sometimes I can hardly stand it.

Anyway, I'm here for a weekend recap of sorts, except it's probably not gonna be super interesting cause I only took a couple pictures and let's face it, if you don't have a lot of pictures in your blog post, people won't read. Cause deep down we're all just first graders flipping through the picture book not reading any of the words.

I got to spend the latter half of Saturday with my dear friend Jennica from Strawberries and Wine. We ate lunch at the Chop Shop,
and hung out at her place while she finished my blog design (so pretty right?!). This is her working her magic:
and this is us excited about her working her magic.

Completely unrelated to Jennica working her magic on my blog, here's a picture of my dogs laying in my bed and it looks like they're snuggling with each other and it's really cute and kinda funny cause look at Maycee:
Also, here's another awkward picture of Gunther and I cause what blog post can't use an awkward picture of Gunther and I?
Sunday Nate and I went to church in the morning, then went out to lunch with a friend and I ate a huge burrito, then I cleaned off my desk at home, and then I video chatted with Mosby. See, this is what I meant about the no pictures thing. Either way, pictures or no pictures, it was a good Sunday and a good weekend. And I already get bonus points for going less than two months without blogging so yay for me!

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. i've still never been to Chop Shop & I really want to..... (ahem, cough cough)



  2. Love the design!!! do you drink wine? I just can't get into it!

  3. I think you had a pretty awesome weekend. Especially given the fact that you got to see my BEAUTIFUL face!

  4. Haha! Sounds like most of my weekends ;)
    Love the new blog design - looks great! I need to redo mine, I'm just not computer savvy enough to figure it out on my own lol xx

  5. Awe such sweet comments. Thanks Hey Kai, Rachel and Emily! <3

  6. if any of you are looking to brand your sites let me know!



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