Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The One With All the Fishing on the Holiday Weekend

Oh hey guys. It's me. Back for my one weekly(ish) blog post. I really don't mean it to be that way, but as I've mentioned before, blogging is super hard for me right now. I don't really know why, other than to say it's just writers bloggers block. But alas, I miss it so much that I was determined to sit down and write something tonight. So here I am, breaking my "no wine on a week-night" rule, with a glass of Pinot trying to write. Cause if there's anything I learned in grad school it's that if you can't figure out what to write, just pour a glass of wine. Not that I was drunk when I wrote my research papers or anything, cause that's definitely not the case. I got good grades OK? And I was sober(ish) when I had to BS my way through 20 pages worth of paper writing. It wasn't all BS though. Ugh, I think I'm digging myself a good hole here so I'm just gonna stop.

Last weekend was memorial day weekend and I'm happy to report I actually did something fun. Nate and I went up north and did the outdoors-y thing. What qualifies as "outdoors-y," you might ask? In this case, it would be camping, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and boating. Unless you count boating and fishing as one since you do both at the same time. Bishing? Actually, kayaking and fishing were also completed simultaneously. Kishing? That's kinda like 'kissing.' That's not the point; I'm getting side tracked. Here's a picture of us on our kayaks:
Windy hair don't care. But seriously, I'm regretting posting this picture already. Whatever, it's the only one I got of us on our kayaks cause Willow Springs Lake was so freakin' packed that trying to get the 'yaks (I'm making 'yaks a thing so I don't have to keep typing out 'kayaks') unloaded and into the water was a borderline circus. Also, I was too concerned with not tipping over to reach back for my camera. Note to self: don't kayak on a holiday weekend. Also, another note to self: don't kayak when it's super freakin windy and you can hardly get back to shore, so much that it makes your arms sore for four days. Note taken.
Here's a picture of the fish Nate caught while we were out on the 'yaks:

I have no idea why it was so cold and windy up north on Memorial Day weekend, the alleged 'official summer kick-off weekend.' So Sunday, we decided to drive down to Roosevelt Lake where there's less altitude. And by less altitude I mean, hot. It was hot on Roosevelt. But that's OK cause it just meant we got to swim while we did the fishing thing and it actually felt like summer. Who am I kidding, it's felt like summer in AZ since March.
I realize this hat looks absolutely ridiculous, but there's a few advantages to it:
1.) It protects my face and neck from the sun; and we all know to 'just say no' to melanoma. Or is that drugs? Maybe both?
2.) It keeps me cool, and
3.) It's lucky cause I caught this bass (can't you hear that boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass, I got that super bass)
The combination of all of the above means that I'm gonna sacrifice style for functionality...and lucky-ness. And I'm gonna wear it anyway.
If there's anything that screams 'summer time' it's jumping off of a boat into a lake, air drying with no towel, eating a luke-warm lunchable cause it's been in a cooler with melted ice all afternoon, and reapplying your cheap sunscreen. And I love all of it.

Before it was time to head home, we tried out Willow Springs one more time to do some more fishing. It was still cold. And windy. But it's ok cause I caught another fish:

And so did Nate:

It was the first trout I've caught and Nate said "hold onto it tightly, they squirm a lot more than the bass." So that's what I did. But then he made fun of me for holding it too tight. I mean, I'll strangle the thing if I have to, to get a good picture.
He lived, for the record. And I set him free like the free bird fish he is.

And that's about it folks. That's the end of my Memorial Day weekend. At least that's where the pictures end, and let's face it, not one wants to read more words when there's no more pictures to go along with it. Or wine. I'm also out of wine.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. And the best part about a long weekend, is a short week!

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  1. I wanna go fishing and wear a big hat!
    Also..there was no mention of ice cream.

  2. You're so cute omg. I'm coming with

  3. Ugh you have much better luck fishing than I do! I usually just scream when I have to unhook it anyway so maybe its for the best

  4. I see pine trees! Where were you guys exactly?! Let me know when you come up this way!!!

  5. Okay 1) DAMN girl, check out those abs. Tone It Up is definitely toning you up! and 2) that bass looks like it is screaming because you are squeezing him so tight and I just laughed out loud.

  6. i wnat you to know.
    that open water shot my first thought "i want to go to there" so gorgeous!
    thirdly "i'll strangle the thing if i have to, to get a good picture" <- gold!

  7. You're so cute I can't even handle it. Can we please have a triple date and go do outdoorsy things with K camp and the boys?! That would be so fun. Okay good plan

    yay games
    yay yaks

  8. We're going camping next week and I cannot wait!! I hope we don't go fishing though, because I really suck at it and it's just not fun.

    CUTE bathing suit!!!

  9. So fun! I wish we had a lake near us to go to...alas I live in central Ohio and am surrounded by corn fields...haha! Love the hat BTW!! ;))

  10. Yay for trips up north! Something so fun yet so PEACEFUL about it, isn't there?!

  11. I still have yet to try Roosevelt lake. I went to Patagonia a couple of weekends back and it was fun. It is murder hot already! How are you in long sleeves?!? If this comment makes no sense it is because I broke my more than one glass of wine on a week night rule. Who am I kidding?!? I break it all the time....I promise I am not a drunk. haha! ;-)

  12. ahhhhhh looks like so much fun! i haven't been fishing in like 15 years. thanks for the reminder that i need to go out and do it soon!

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