Friday, July 8, 2011

Gone Fishin

Occasionally when Nate or I can't find something we're looking for, or need to go searching for something we haven't seen in a while, our best bet is usually the garage. Seeing as how we never truly and/or completely "unpacked" after we moved from our apartment into our house (I'm working on my procrastination issues), the garage has become a treasure trove of all things forgotten. 
"OOoh I forgot I had this!"
"THERE's where that went!"
"Hey I've been looking for this thing!"
Not too long ago, Nate came traipsing back into the house with this big honker:
Not sure how you can overlook a giant stuffed fish, but it got lost in the shuffle somehow and we had truly forgotten about it. Nate had been eyeing one of these for a long time at Bass Pro Shops a few years ago before he finally bought one, so needless to say when he rediscovered it right it our own garage he was pretty pumped.
Cue big fish parade:

The Dogs, on the other hand, not so pumped. They probably wouldn't have been so bothered by the huge stuffed bass had it not been for Nate taunting them with it for his own amusement ( was kinda funny though, I will say...).

Nate gave him the name Henry. It seems that we have an affinity to naming inanimate species that land in in our household (i.e. Bucky)


Nonetheless, amusing all the same.

Hook, line, and sinker

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