Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Holy smokes did I have a fun weekend. 
I'm hoping everyone else can say the same.
Cause fun weekends are the shiz.

It started on Friday with my Husband's birthday.
If you didn't read his birthday post, find it here.
Nate's birthday is June 21st, both the "official" first day of summer, and the longest day of the year.
Nate gets to celebrate his birthday longer than anyone else, ever.
What a lucky duck.

We celebrated by hitting up Dave and Busters on Friday night with some friends and family.

We ate, drank, played games, and wasted all of our tokens on that stupid coin pusher machine.

It's whatevs though, cause since it was Nate's birthday, everyone gave us all their tickets.


Little Miley even came to wish Uncle Nay-Nay a Happy Birthday
She didn't say happy birthday necessarily, but it was implied when she smiled at him.
You know how it goes.

We love the Lindholm's!

Birthday boy.

Saturday we hung out at this place called Camp King: Swimming School for Dogs.
Also known as my parents house. 

In line for swimming lessons:
Henry the Goldendoodle, with mom Charlene. 
and Joey the black lab, with mom Sarah.

If you do the math on that one, Henry and Joey plus Maycee and Gunther...that's four dogs in one pool.

We'd been trying to get Henry and Joey over to swim for a few months now, but no one's plans were aligning...until this weekend.
And boy was it fun.

Joey didn't want to go in at first, but after a good shove, he was a natural and swam all around, even with no ball to retrieve.
The dude's a lab, I suppose we should've expected that.

Henry, on the other hand needed a little more coaxing.

...he wasn't havin' it.
Although, I will say, the actual act of swimming, he did really well at. 
He swam the length of the pool to and from Charlene and her bf, Colin.
He just wouldn't go in on his own.
And whenever he did go in, his eyes were so big, it looked as if they were about to come out of his head.

In time Henry, in time.
You'll be a swimmin' machine.

It was definitely a stellar afternoon.
...Gunther, holdin' it down for the white boys all day.

Before swim lessons at Camp King, I got a pleasant surprise from my bloggy and real life friend Tyah, from Humble Haro Abode, saying she spontaneously decided to drive into Phoenix for the weekend and that we needed to get together.
Tyah lives about an hour and a half south of me so I don't get to see her that often.
So naturally, when she said she was in town I was like, "Umm, chyaa!

So we enjoyed chips and salsa and guacamole and margaritas while the sun went down Saturday night.
Yes, margaritas is plural.
Ain't no shame in our game. 

Sunday we ended up back at Camp King: Swimming School for dogs, for some BBQ 
and of course, swimming.
After two days in a row of herds of dogs in their pool, I looked at my mom lovingly and said, "Aren't you glad you guys are the one with the pool?!"

She laughed.

I wouldn't dare ask my dad that question.
I think I already know his answer.
And he'd for sure give me the stink-eye.

My sister made the mistake of taunting Gunny with her kick-board thing.
He decided he wanted it, and wouldn't leave her alone until he got it.
Mission accomplished.

And that was my amazeballs weekend.

Aaaand there's nothing like a Monday morning on the horizon to spoil your weekend fun.
So lame.
Ah, well, so is life.

Happy Monday folks!


  1. Totes jealous! I am gonna pack up my shiz and move my arse on out there so I can bring Itsy and Zoey to swimming school and so we can hang out. It is all settled. Be prepared for a room mate lady!

  2. What a fun weekend! I wish we had a pool to take Lois to. I'm not so sure she would like it though. She hates baths!!

  3. That coin pusher machine is SO addicting. I waste my money all the time on that thing.
    What a fun weekend! When I come to Phoenix (whenever that is), we'll drink margs all day...I can drink those like water ;D

  4. Your mutts are so cute! I can't even imagine how much fur would be in our pool if we had more than our little runt in there; after she gets out we can literally see her fur floating on the top of the gross.

  5. I love Dave and Busters! It's been forever since I've been there... But, we wasted all our tokens on that coin pusher game too!! Ha!

    Your dogs are so cute! I wish there was a pool near by that we could take our dogs too!



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