Monday, June 17, 2013

Life Lately - Besides the Awesome Camping Trip Last Weekend

This last weekend my family and I went camping and it was pretty much amazeballs. 
But I'm not gonna blog about it today. 
Cause I haven't gone through all my pictures, nor have I gotten any of the pictures my dad took with his fancy camera.
I always want to make sure to get my dad's pictures before I blog something, 
cause his are usually the shiz.
Cause he's fancy like that.

I think sometimes he gets annoyed with me though, cause every time after my family does something fun, the next day I'm like, "Did you finish editing your pictures yet?" "Did you go through your pictures yet?" "Are you gonna be home tonight so I can come over and get your pictures?" "I need your pictures before I can blog."
He's sort of been sucked into the blog life without actually knowing it.
It's what I like to call second-hand smoke blogging.
My blogging is suddenly his problem cause I need his pictures.
Don't tell him that though.

So anyway, 

I think when most bloggers post a bunch of pictures to catch you up on what's been going on, they call it an iphone dump.
I'm gonna opt out of the "iphone dump"terminology cause the word "dump" reminds me of, well, you know...bathroom business.

So instead, I'll go with:
Here's some pictures of stuff that's been going on lately 'round these here parts.

My parents got me a fancy leather padfolio for graduation, to use at work.
You know, cause I'm a big girl now with a big girl job and a Master's degree.
And it finally came in the mail and I'm in loooove with it.
 It has my initials on it and everything.
I carry it around the office with me even when I don't have meetings to go to.
Cause it makes me feel happy like that.

Speaking of work, one of my good friends Sarahita started last week and I'm pretty dang happy about that too.
Sarahita was my first friend I made in grad school, and 2 years later we're now coworkers!
Now we get to work together, and write reports, and make Power Point presentations, except this time we get to get paid for it.
Oh yeah.

My sister-in-law had a birthday last week.
Happy birthday Jessica!

And her little one, my niece, Miley, is as cute as ever in her Cardinals gear we got
for her last Christmas.
Seriously, so cute right?!
When we were at my in-laws' house last week to celebrate Jessica's birthday, Miley did a number in her diaper when Grandpa was holding her.
He totally tried to pawn her off on me, and I was like, "Nuh uh! I'm not ready for diaper changing yet!"
A for effort, though, Carl.

I came across this on Twitter and literally lol'd. I know sometimes people say that they literally laughed out loud, but really they didn't, they're just being dramatic...but I'm telling you, this literally made me laugh out loud.
Believe me.
Hopefully you laughed too or else you might be like, "geez Carissa, it really wasn't that funny." In which case I might feel kind of dumb.
And hopefully you know the song by P!nk, or else you definitely won't think it's as funny.

My good friend Faith, whom I've known since the 7th grade, was in town last week and we got together for a dinner date.
Faith and I used to ride our bikes to school together and I would tell her all about how I thought this kid named Nathan was really really cute, but would never dare to talk to him.
Now, we're in our mid-twenties, she lives across the country with two kids, we have husbands in the military, and we talk about how cute our dogs are. 
Things change don't they?
Things change, but Faith doesn't. She's still as hysterical as ever.
Love you woman! 

So you know, hopefully I'll have a camping post to share with you soon.
Depending on when I get the picture issue sorted out.
Is it just me or is half the battle of composing a blog post, figuring out what pictures to use?
I hate sorting through pictures and figuring out which to use and where to put them.
Maybe it's because I take too many.
Maybe I should take less pictures?


That's crazy talk. 


  1. I about died laughing at the Harry Potter thing! Loves it:))

  2. So I laughed and my coworker stared at me!! Also love how cute your hair is in the last picture!

  3. I stopped watching the Harry Potter movies after the second one. I've been meaning to watch the rest! And I like that you have to clarify that you are actually lol-ing. I'm the same way! Haha.

  4. i LOVE that portfolio!
    & the harry potter....oh my gosh HILARIOUS!

  5. that portfolio is beautiful!!
    i was listening to music the first time i read the harry potter thing and i was utterly confused. then i paused the music and read it again...and lol-ed! :)

  6. Love that padfolio, especially the color!! Such a big girl! ;D



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