Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bear Canyon Lake 2013

A few posts ago I briefly mentioned this really fun camping trip my family took a couple weekends ago, and never finished.

I think it's time to finish.

Over Father's Day weekend my family, and my soon-to-be brother-in-law's family went camping.

And it was fun.

The end.

Just kidding.
I suppose I'll tell you more.
Also, I can't wait for October when my soon-to-be brother-in-law Adam, actually becomes my brother-in-law so I can quit referring to him as my soon-to-be brother-in-law.
It's a lot of words.
And a lot of hyphens.

Moving on.

I for one, love to camp.
It's really fun, and there's always something to do.
Sure, I have dirt underneath my fingernails, dirt in my shoes, and greasy hair, but hey, so does everyone else! That's the beauty of camping...ironically as it sounds.
I don't have to spend time getting ready and putting make-up on in the morning.
Heck, I may or may not even brush my hair...depends on whether or not you'd judge me if I admitted to forgoing the comb.

So we made our way up to Bear Canyon Lake after work on Friday and set up camp...normally that would be a pun, but in this case I mean it quite literally.
Nate and I arrived Friday night to join everyone else who had the luxury of heading up Friday morning.
In fact, my mom sent me a video early Friday morning of her and my dad rubbing it in my face, the fact that they were on their way to go have fun and I had a whole 8 hours of work to get through first.
I replied with this picture to express my displeasure.
Not cool mom, not cool.

Saturday morning we hung out at camp and had breakfast while some of the men went fishing.
It turns out, Gunther thinks he's a lap dog.
Actually, that's a lie.
He's always thought he was a lap dog. This is no new revelation.
But he did prove himself to be an even more agile lapdog during this trip by successfully making it into the camping chairs with both Nate and I.
A lap dog or a billy of the two.

Saturday afternoon we rounded everyone up and headed out to the lake! 
Woop woop!
I get excited just reliving it.
There's an array of options for fun things to do at the lake.
You can catch crawdads, go fishing, hang out in the shade and eat chips, fall asleep in your awesome new Father's Day chair, or...drumroll please...go kayaking!!

My parents rented an inflatable kayak for us to enjoy for the weekend.
And we definitely did enjoy it!
My mom and I went out and made it all the way to the other end of the lake and back!
We didn't tip over, we paddled in sync, and never ran into any other kayakers.
Basically, we're ready for the Olympic team.

It's a bit of a hike to get back up to the parking area from the lake, and we had to do it with all our shiz, i.e. the kayak, fishing poles, snacks, and my dad's fold-up chair.
At first, my dad took the chair and Nate took the kayak.
When Nate made it to the top light years ahead of the rest of us, he came back to relieve my dad of his own chair.
If it were a play-by-play it would've been something like:
King, makes his way uphill with chair
...King hands off chair to Townsend
Townsend finishes uphill with chair

After kayaking comes quad-ing...if that's even a word.
We brought the quad with us for the weekend, so after the lake, Nate and I headed out for a ride.
...but not before Gunther got a ride of his own.
After the dog, and after my own ride, Nate was giving out free rides to everyone else.
My mom had never been on a quad before and neither had Adam's sister...or his neice...which is logical considering she's a toddler.

Sunday morning, Adam, Nate, my dad, and I went back to the lake for some early morning fishing.
Or, in my dad's case, some early morning picture taking.

Adam was the only one to catch anything all morning.

...And you better believe we ate it.
It was delish, by the way. 
In case you were wondering.

A step up from the usual...

Sunday afternoon we packed up, loaded up, and headed back home for a good shower.
Cause Lord knows I needed one.
And so did the dogs.
We always leave for camping with one yellow lab and one black lab
...and we always come home with two chocolate labs.
It's as if they bathe in the dirt.

Bear Canyon Lake 2013 was a success.
And after swearing off camping for like, 20 years, my mom has now successfully completed three family camping outings in the last three years.
I think she's officially a camper now.
A happy camper.
As are all of us.


  1. This looks like so much fun!! When I come visit will you take me camping...even if I am a little bit of a princess about it?!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun!! I love camping, but haven't been in a few years!

  3. I think all big dogs have a complex where they think they are little. Our dog hasn't gotten the memo either and still insists are trying to get up on our laps ALL the time.

    1. Haha, that's probably true! I always thought the little dogs were the one with the complex, but your theory makes sense!! Haha!

  4. i love camping so much!! I think i love gunther too, what a sweet face

  5. How fun! I have never been camping. Randy and I are going with some friends in the beginning of September and I can't wait!

    And I always send facial expression pics when people write stuff like that! So funny!

  6. I see a double date camping trip in the near future...I'm a newbie camper, but my husband grew up camping for family vacations. All you need to do is bring your dogs and that inflatable kayak :D

  7. this looks like so so so much fun!! i've never been camping, and nico, well, his mother doesn't like the outdoors much. :) but kayaking is my absolute favorite!!

    and #officeselfies are my favorite. i am probably just going to start sending them to you all the time. #justkiddingkindabutmaybe



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