Monday, June 3, 2013

Carla Goes to Taylor Swift

Last week one of my BFFs Kayla, from The Lindholm Life, and I went to see Taylor Swift in Concert for her Red Tour.
Also, if Kayla and I had a celebrity name, we could be called "Carla." You know, Kayla and Carissa...Carla.
I told Kayla in all our years of friendship I can't believe I haven't thought of this sooner. 

Anyway, Kayla and I (ahem, Carla) have a long history of going to see T-Swift together...or as I like to call it, Swifting.
We've Swifted every year she's headlined in Arizona, which is a grand total of three times.
You're not getting any pictures of her first tour, cause they're from so long ago that they're not on my computer anymore, and I don't really feel like going and getting them off my external hard drive.
But check out last years' post HERE

We went all out this year and spent the $38740.00 $30 bucks on T-shirts, like the true fan girls we are.
That and plus I think it helped us blend in better with all the other 13-year-olds there.
That's OK though, ain't no shame in our T-Swift game!

I think it's safe to say Taylor just keeps getting better and better.
Her sets, her stage, her outfits, her sparkly guitars and name it, it's better.

Ed Sheeran opened up for her...which by the way, is it just me or does Ed Sheeran remind anyone else of Ron Weasley?
Maybe they're related or something.
They're both British so...maybe?

Anyway, he made an extra cameo on stage during the show to sing their song together.
As she did last year, she had a platform set up in the back of the arena, where she played a handful of songs. This year however, part of it was on hydraulics and it actually raised up quite a ways! You can see it starting to get taller on the bottom right picture above. 
It was pretty sweet. 
And plus, it made it so she was even closer to us.
Which is even more sweet.

We were also treated to the full gamut of Taylor emotions should be expected.
We saw:
Sneaky Taylor

Emphatic Taylor

Bored Taylor
(cause, like, seriously, I already told you, we're like never ever getting back together)

Confused Taylor
(Why won't anyone date me?!)

Sassy Taylor...rawr!

Melancholy Taylor

And of course, angsty Taylor
Oh so angsty.
I might've made that word up.
But you get it.

Old school Taylor also made an appearance, with a stool and her guitar (and a banjo).
And I won't lie, I kinda miss old school Taylor.

But then I forget about how I miss curly-haired Taylor as soon as she starts playing my favorite number of the night, and we dance around enough to put a look on the teenagers' face next to us that says, 
"I'm impressed."
You should be.
Cause we're not that old, OK?
I wish I would've taken a longer video of this one, but you know...I had to keep dancin' like 
we're 22 twenty-six.

And sadly, before we knew it, the show was ending and it was time to go.
...but not before confetti.
Lots of confetti.

The night the Taylor Swift concert ends feels kinda like the day after Christmas for me.
So boring and lonely, with seemingly nothing exciting to look forward to anymore.

I should write a song about that or something.

Can't wait 'til next time!


  1. If you notice on the back of that awesome shirt mam it says one of the stops is Charlottesville, VA....that be here! I could not score tickets to the show though..scalpers took them off..bishes!

    Back to the concert..LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING and I love the mom in the background eyeing you up!

  2. so i'm really happy that I'm not the only one who bought a T-Swift t-shirt! You ladies are gorgeous :)

  3. how fun! my husband took me to a t-swift concert when we were dating :) i knew he was a keeper! haha i want to go to another one!

  4. This looks AMAZING! I love going to concerts. I love the part about all the emotions of Taylor Swift hahah so true. I went to the Justin Bieber concert (don't judge I love him) and it was SO GOOD. This put me in the mood to see a concert now

  5. I've been wanting to go see her on this Red tour, but totally forgot to buy tickets in time. Lame! I've heard from so many people that she's fun to see live. She can't sing that great live, but she's a great entertainer. But I also miss the old school Taylor. She's just way too different now.



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