Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Note From the Dogs

Today is Father's Day.
Since my family and I were out gettin' our camp on this weekend, I don't have a fancy Father's Day post at the ready.
But check out my last Father's Day post HERE, cause I love my dad and he's pretty freakin' awesome and I feel like you should read about how awesome he is. 

Also, the dogs were begging me all weekend to write a post about their dad, i.e. Nate, for Father's Day.
They were like, "c'mon Mom! Please let us write on your blog!" 
And I was like, "I mean I guess, but you guys don't have thumbs, so it might make typing 
kind of hard."
They didn't care to heed my advice, so without further ado, I give you...
Maycee and Gunther.
Maycee and Gunther here.
Mom said you people probably already know who we are, cause she said she talks about us a lot.

How embarrassing. 

Not surprising though, Mom is a little clingy.

Nate is our Dad and we love him a lot, and we wanted to tell you all about him.
Although, Mom might've already done that too.
So clingy.

We love Dad because he takes good care of us, and always feeds us the best kibbles ever. 
They just never get old and we get to eat them all the time.
Although, if ever we get a taste for something different on our buds, Dad usually shuts us down when we beg for it. 
He makes us go lie down on our bed, as if we're some kind of animal or something.

Dad is the best human to play tug-of-war with. 
He's really strong, and even though he always beats me, Maycee, I live for the moment when he lets me think I'm winning.
In the end though, he always reminds me who's in charge.

I, Gunther, personally am not one for tug-of-war, but I do love when Dad holds Maycee back so I can actually go fetch the ball he throws for me.
That Maycee, she can really be a batch sometimes. 
My Dad even taught me how to shoot a BB gun and ride a quad.
And best of all, he always talks Mom out of wanting to chop off my goods, IF you know what I mean.
There's no better dad than the kind that let you keep your man-hood.
Thanks Dad.
Dad takes me, Maycee, bird hunting and let's me fetch all the birds when he shoots 'em out of the sky.
Gunther's too stupid to fetch birds out of the sky.

Even though Dad can be a hard @$$ sometimes (don't tell mom we cursed) we know he's a softy deep down. At least that's what we're guessing.
We're dogs. We don't really know for sure.
When Dad's not talking to us like he's our drill sergeant and we're his privates, 
he's a really fun Dad, we promise.
We just have to remind him occasionally that in fact, this isn't the military, and our paws don't bend the right way to salute even if we wanted to. 

Happy Father's Day Dad!

And we're back.
There you have it.
The first blog appearance from the Townsend furbabies.
And for the record, I'm not clingy, Gunther's not stupid, his junk really does need to go, and Maycee can be a little bit of a batch sometimes.
Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Since I'm the human and I run this blog, I get the last word.

Children I tell ya, always bickering. 

Happy Father's Day everyone!


  1. OMG how cute is this post!! Those dogs are so cute!! Also..yea.I agree...neuter all the way! HAH

  2. haha awww too cute!! They are hilarious, I love all those photos.

  3. why are you so funny?? i love this post!! so sweet :)

    your dogs are wonderful writers, please tell them that i would support them should they ever decide to write a book. i'll be their pr person.

  4. This was hilarious!
    And you're not helping my growing desire to get a puppy ;D



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