Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And Then There Were Three

Remember last fall when my husband killed his deer?
...actually, silly question; I can't hardly keep straight when he's hunting, where he's hunting, or what he's hunting, I shouldn't expect you too either.
That being said, check it out HERE

Memorial day weekend Wide Erp (yes, that's his name) finally made his homecoming debut.
Nate told me I needed to re-take his picture because it's not showing his "fourth point," and that if I was gonna put a picture of Mr. Erp on the internet I needed to "do him justice."
I don't really know what that means, and quite frankly Nate is sleeping right now so I can't ask him what the preferred camera angle is for Mr. Erp, so this will have to suffice for now.

Geez, Wide Erp just got here and he's already demanding photos be taken from his "good side?"
Diva much Mr. Erp?

A few things you need to know about my house, now that Mr. Erp has joined us:
1.) The number of deer heads on the wall now equal the number of humans that reside in this house
Read about Bucky HERE 

2.) The total number of animal heads hanging on the wall now outnumber the total number of humans residing in this household
Read about Fang HERE

3.) The total number of dead animal heads hanging on the wall now outnumber the total number of living animals residing in this household

If taxidermic animal heads came to life the same way toys do a la Toy Story...we may have some problems.
Just sayin'. 

All these animals adorning our living room walls and Nate still won't let me decorate them for holidays, seasonal occasions, or just for the heck of it.
I think it's clear he's being unreasonable.

Nate looks at both his deer and says he can't decide which one is his favorite, and I have to keep reminding him that in order to maintain a healthy, functional family dynamic we can't pick favorites here. 
Deer might get their feelings hurt. 
...That's right, I'm lookin' out for you Mr. Erp...just remember that next time we leave the house and you suddenly feel like coming to life.


  1. I want you to know that we currently have 6 dead animals on the walls... that's 2 times as many people that live in this house. LOL, I feel your pain :)

    Sometimes I walk in the door and I just say... why???

  2. He is one lucky guy, that's all im going to say :)

  3. awww but it would be the BEST if you could decorate their antlers with cute christmas decorations! I definitely think they need some ornaments, and that ferocious pig looking thing (sorry not a hunter) would LOOK amazing with some lights hanging like a necklace :)

  4. Hahahha I'm dying. This post cracked me up! :)



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