Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Planting Party

 Last weekend - not the weekend that just past, but the weekend before that (why yes, I'm behind on my blogging again) my mom and my sister and I had a planting party. 
A P-Party, if you will.
Pee Party.
Pee Pee.
Pee Pee Party.

Heheh =)

But I digress...
Remember my Garden Party
Well, instead of "dinner in the garden," last Saturday we created the garden. 
The creators of the garden, if you will.
We said "let there be garden" ...and then there was.
And it was fun. And pretty. And now my patio looks fun and pretty. And now Gunther has that many more containers on the patio to choose from to lift his leg on.
Every upside and a down, I suppose.

We made our rounds to Whitfield Nursery, Summer Winds, and the Casa Depot (that's Home Depot for all you non spanish speakers) and before we knew it the back of the car looked like this:
Holy crap on a cracker.

We got back home, had Jimmy John's deliver us lunch, made some freakin' delish frozen bananas that turned out much too ugly (and a little inappropriate-looking) for the blog, poured ourselves a new recipe for a summer wine spritzer, set up shop and got to planting!
My dad came to hang out with us since he was also working in the backyard; we told him that it was a "no boys allowed" kind of a party but since Gunther had already been loitering we thought it's only fair to let my dad do the same.
Good thing they have their cootie shots.
The little guy on the bottom right corner is called a Pony Tail Palm.
I might've picked it out simply cause of it's name.
It makes me wish my ponytails had that much volume.

After our long day of planting we finished the day off with a BYOB: build your own burger bar!
It was good.
Really really good.
And that's all I have to say about that.
Now, say a prayer (or two a few) that all these new additions to my patio survive the brutal AZ summer...that and Gunther's bathroom habits.


  1. you make AZ look like it has LOTS of green, when all i've ever heard is that it is full of dirt :)

    P.S. what program do you use to format your pictures? I love the way that you put them together, it gets boring for me just to insert them into blogger.

  2. Thanks Jade! Believe it or not, AZ has a little more than just dirt! Hahaha!! It's actually pretty dang neat out here! =)

    I've been using Pic Monkey for my photos. They took away Picnic and someone recommended Pic Monkey to me! They have a feature where you can make a collage, then I just make the background transparent and voila! =)



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