Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm pretty sure this has been the longest I've ever gone without blogging.

And lemme tell ya...real life things just aren't as fun as blog life things sometimes.

And lemme tell ya another thing...remind me never again to start summer classes and a new job at the same time. Better yet, remind me never again to take summer classes period.
Am I having regrets about taking FOUR of them this summer?
Why yes, yes I am.
Is it worth it in order to graduate by next Spring?
Yes is the technical answer to that, but complaining about it always feels much better, I feel like.

I also feel like I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Like, a lot of thinking.
I'm an analyst at my new I've been analyzing a lot of things. And thinking a lot about them.
And then I come home and do homework which requires me to think some more.
And then I go to bed and think about all the more thinking I have to do tomorrow.
Too bad thinking doesn't burn more calories. 
If thinking burned calories I might think about more things to think about.

Nonetheless, I s'pose it could be worse right? And plus, I think that's all the whining I can take for one blog post. So let's move on shall we?

I've been trying to do some fun things in between all the thinking and homeworking to try and keep from going absolutely crazy. Some of which include the following:

New house plants.
I can feel the added oxygen already.

Took the dogs swimming and hung out pool side for Memorial Day.
Drained the water garden, trimmed off dead leaves, put in fresh water, a filter, and some super cool new fairy dust moss.
Made another water garden.

Housewarming party for one of Nate's coworkers and good friends the Mawolo's.
All the guys in the warehouse pitched in and got Irving a ping pong table as a housewarming gift cause he loves it so much. 
Serious ping pong was played.
Including a few games of round robin ping pong. ...if you've never played it, Google it...and you'll want to!!

That, for the most part brings you up to speed...with the exception of a research paper on the political impacts in program evaluation, another research paper on creative management in the public sector using the New Public Service versus the old public administration and how it affects public assistance program fraud detection and prevention, a case study, a mid-term, and a few hundred (that might be an exaggeration) discussion board postings. ...But none of those are as fun as the aforementioned activities so we'll leave them out.

The plan is to not go another 2 weeks before posting again, cause truth be told...blogging is much more fun that homeworking =)


  1. That water garden looks so cool! I have never seen one before!

  2. Super glad you came back... I was getting worried for a second!

  3. welcome back! :D AND FOUR classes for summer school :( way to put a damper on summer...hopefully they go by SUPER fast :D

  4. Welcome back! and ps. how did you get your photos to do that?!?! Love it!

    1. Thanks Tyah! I used's a website you can create collages and stuff. I'm loving it so far!

  5. I Love ur blogging, its so much fun to read and know how much u love blogging and couldnt live w/out. Hope you still have some fun this summer!!

  6. Thanks everybody!!! Glad to be back!! =)



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