Monday, February 3, 2014

True Life: I'm Too Sensitive

It's true. I've been thinking about it lately and I've come to the conclusion that I'm too sensitive. Here's a few reasons why:

If there's no exclamation point in your text message my first thought is "Omg what's wrong?"

If there's no exclamation point in my text message I feel like I'm being rude.

If there's a "Please [insert task here]" in a work email, without a smiley face, I'm gonna think I'm in trouble. When you really think about it, the word "please," while intended to convey politeness, is actually one of the more bossy, kind of demanding words, no? 

If someone writes a vague, passive aggressive Facebook status, and coincidentally it happens to be an offense I've committed at some point in my life I'm gonna think you're writing it about me and get all concerned about it like, "Oh my gosh is she writing that about me?? Did I upset her?? I hope she's not mad at me!"
I know. I'm ridiculous.

The second I honk my horn at someone on the road I instantly feel bad about it.

One of my fears in life is mean comments on my blog. 

My feelings get hurt when Nate and I come home from work, at the same time mind you, and the dogs run past me to greet Nate. Like, really hurt.

In light of today's revelations, I feel so bad for Ron Weasley (ahem, a fictional character) after JK Rowling revealed she thinks Hermione should've married Harry instead (ahem, also fictional characters). There's concern that Ron wouldn't have been able to "really make her happy" in the long run. Sure, pile on the ginger. 
Some call it a slow news day, I call it a paradigm shift in the Potter-verse. 

Are you too sensitive?? Tell me I'm not the only one with exclamation point thing...

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  1. Hi my name is Mosby and I think we are the same person! I can identify with just about everything you just said…except the honking horns at people. I have road rage and no guilt over it. A little finger might fly up every now and then on the road….

  2. I'm the exact same way!! Oh my goodness, I read an article on Buzzfeed this morning that is me to a T. You have to read it!

  3. I am exactly the same! Oh my goodness. If I get "ok" instead of "okay." I think the person (cough, boyfriend) is mad. I was at applebee's last night and saw a guy sitting at the bar alone with a glass of whatever and i got genuinely sad wondering why he was alone and what was going on in his life. sometimes I hateeeee it but sometimes I'm glad i have feelings rather than a heart of stone. haha

  4. I'm definitely too sensitive! I don't have Facebook but when I did, I was the same way with statuses. At work, my boss always chats with me for a couple minutes before we start our day. If she doesn't, I worry that I screwed something up the previous day and she's mad. It's really just irrational thinking!

  5. First if all, I thought I was reading about myself.

    And second, I love that you put Jess in your post.

    1. Haha, glad I'm not the only then! =)

  6. I always put smiley faces in where I can...I think it drives people nuts. My one friend sent me a text that said "we need to talk" and there was nothing else with. I called her immediately was she mad at me or something and of course it was nothing important but there was no exclamation points or smiley faces so of course I assumed the worst!

  7. JK Rowling said that about Ron?? That makes me so sad! I think they're so cute together!

  8. Don't worry, I'm exactly the same! <-- notice the exclamation point ;) Sometimes I actually have to delete some because I over-do it haha but I know what you mean about texts - when someone sends a text without ! or emoji I think they are mad at me...sighhh. And also, the dog. She doesn't even get off the couch when I come home, but basically has a seizure when Aaron walks in the door :( haha

  9. I'm sensitive when it comes to certain things... like say people not saying "thank you" when I do something for them. It pisses me off. I think I'm sensitive more in terms of getting angry than I am of having my feelings hurt. haha

  10. haha Im usually not sensitive at all, but once in a while if i am in a mood I look wayyyy into everything like the way people word emails or things they say and I freak myself out!!

  11. I'm not super sensitive when it comes to a lot of things but I definitely get a little butt hurt when the dog plows past me to attack Ryan with love. #dogmomprobzforsure

  12. if there isn't an exclamation then you aren't excited and a haha or smiley face is mandatory so I know you are happy

  13. I'm sensitive too. Don't worry you aren't alone.

  14. HAHAHA! I use exclamation points constantly! It's the one way people know if it's me posting on our company Facebook page or someone else! Cracks me up.

    Also, I disagree with Rowling. I love how it ended up. I do feel bad for Ron, he probably feels less loved, but oh well, he ended up with Hermione anyways. :)



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