Sunday, November 3, 2013

That One Day My Sister Got Married

I so badly want to tell you what I did this weekend, but since some of it involves somewhat of a surprise for someone, I can't really tell you until tomorrow after 7pm-ish. 
Don't worry though, I'll totally spill the beans by tomorrow COB. 

...that's "close of business" for all you non-office people, and on second thought I'm regretting putting that in my blog post since it usually belongs in work emails, and it's Sunday night when I'm writing this, which is much too early to be thinking about work.

But I digress.

Since I can't tell you about the hilarity from this weekend, I'll tell you about what I did last weekend (since I'm super up-to-date on my blog and stuff), cause that's when my sister got married!
Sidenote, since I was busy being a bridesmaid I didn't take very many pictures, and since it's only been 10 days since the wedding there's no professional photos yet, so I've cherry-picked all that I could from a plethora of photos posted to Facebook.
Thanks, Facebook, you're always there when I need you most.

Audrey and my now, brother-in-law, Adam got married on a Friday and the day couldn't have gone any better.
For me at least. I'm not sure if you ask the bride if she'll give you a different answer, but as for me, I was doin' pretty good, ahead of schedule with hair and make-up, snackin' the day away on some Cheddar Harvest Sunchips (cause really, is there any other 
kind of Sunchips?).

Actually I take it back, my bridesmaids dress was giving me fits all day and night. Fits as in, didn't want to stay on my body. As in, didn't want to keep the girls in where they belong...IF you know what I mean. I did this all day and night:
But x10.
Or a million.
Ladies, you know that move when you see it, right?
Hashtag sooooooannoying

Also, I know the day was about Audrey and Adam but I just have to give a shout-out to my husband...he cleans up pretty good right?

So since we're limited on photos, I'm gonna leave you with my toast I gave to Audrey and Adam at the wedding, and some photos of her and I.
Cause we're sisters.
And my speech talked about us being sisters.
So sister photos are only appropriate.


Hello! I’m the sister of the lovely bride here, and I just wanted to say a few words to the newlyweds tonight.
...Mostly because Audrey was kind enough to give a toast at my wedding and now
I feel obligated to return the favor.
Just Kidding.

It’s actually because I’m so happy that my sister is finally getting married, and in doing so, it’s made me think back and reflect on all the years of sister-ly love and bonding.
But before we start I just need to make one thing clear.
In case anyone here hadn’t heard, we played a game at Audrey’s bridal shower where Adam was asked a
series of questions ahead of time and Audrey had to guess the right answers at the shower.
I just want everyone to know that they cheated and Audrey asked for the answers ahead of time and Adam gave them to her. So they’re both cheaters and it’s been my mission ever since to publicly shame them for it.

I’ve forgiven you guys and all, but it’s coming out of your money dance donation.

So moving on...

Sister-ly love and bonding…
Audrey and I, actually, have never been the kind of sisters that are super close and do everything together. We never shared the same social circle, never played on the same sports team, or spilled teenage secrets together over chocolate…cause Audrey’s weird and doesn’t like chocolate.
...But you better believe when I’m trying on clothes at Forever 21 and suddenly Audrey’s screaming at me in a panic that there’s reports of a gunman in the mall and everyone has to evacuate, I was dressed and scrambling to find my sister faster than it takes a Kardashian to file for divorce.
That is to say, you don’t have to hang out all the time and be best friends to recognize the importance of your sister in your life and the love you have for her.
I mean, I passed on some really cute tops that day just to make sure Audrey wasn’t laying there, bleeding on the floor of Forever 21.
That’s sacrifice.
I also recognized just how much Audrey meant to me when I was entering the 5th grade and she was starting the 7th. She was a big bad Jr. High-er now and way too cool for elementary school, which meant that for the first time in my young life I had to go to school WITHOUT my sister.
It’s not like we were in the same grade and saw each other all the time, but just knowing that she wasn’t going to be in the same school, the same building as me anymore, was enough to make me worry all summer-long about it.
...I quickly got over it when she started coming home with that Jr. High attitude and was as bossy as ever.

The good news now though, is that Adam’s on the receiving end of that now.
And he’s a good man for it.
Nate and I have always said, “I hope Audrey and Adam work it out and get married, I like Adam a lot.”
We’re so thrilled that Adam is part of the family now, and that you guys actually got married and that this wedding actually happened.
You make Audrey a better person and you make our family a better family.
…except when you cheat and ruin games.
And that goes for the both of you!

We love you both so very much, and wish you nothing but the best!


So just to forewarn you all, you'll probably be getting another recap of wedding fun when her professional photos come in. Cause I'm sure they're the

Cause Audrey and Adam are the and I'm so happy they are finally married!!

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  1. OMG such a sweet post Rissa!!!!! And hilarious too!!! "hashtag sooooooannoying!" and "faster than a Kardashian can file for divorce" had me rollin'

  2. Congrats to your sister and new brother in law! Even though you said you had problems with the dress, I think it looks great and it's a great color for you! Weddings are so much fun :)

  3. Congrats to your sister! She looked gorgeous! And so did you! That yellow is actually really flattering on you...yellow can be pretty tricky.

  4. Awww! What a cute post! Sis made a beautiful bride! :) P.S. Garden Salsa runs circles around Harvest Cheddar.

  5. This is so sweet! Everyone looked gorgeous! And I loved your speech! I'm getting married in march and I hope my sister's speech is as funny as yours! :)

    P.S. - You totally got me with C.O.B. Thank goodness you explained it because I had NO IDEA! ha!

  6. Love this! Love the speech too! lol



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