Monday, November 18, 2013

Things I'm Thankful For

Per all my social media outlets, it seems November is the season to tell people what you're thankful for. Everyday. 
And by the looks of the rest of blogland, FB, and Insta, I'm suuuper behind in giving thanks. 
BUT since I never want to miss out on the latest social media trend, I figured it's time I give thanks for stuff. 

I'm thankful for being a member of the blogging community, because without it, I might actually have to do work and be productive for the first two hours of my workdays instead of reading blogs. 

 I'm thankful my husband is a hunter, because when else would I be able to catch up on the Real Housewives of anywhere if it weren't for him being gone like, every weekend? 
I like to watch my trashy reality TV in peace and without judgement...and we both know that's not happening when he's home.

I'm thankful that I'm an Arizona State Sundevil, because if I weren't I'm pretty sure people might mistake me for a gang member whenever I throw up my pitch fork. 
I wouldn't blame you if you profiled me. I pretty much scream gang banger.

 I'm thankful for fruit. 
Grapes, especially. 
Fermented grapes, really. 
Actually I'm thankful for wine. Just the wine. 

 I'm thankful for the 24-hour news cycle our country is blessed with, because if it weren't for them I would never know that Kourtney Kardashian went to the grocery store sans makeup, or that there were naked girls at Justin Bieber's house party, or that Jessica Simpson was in (shocker) a bathing suit (shocker #2) at the beach!!! 
My life isn't validated until I know celebrities wear bathing suits to the beach too. 

 I'm thankful for Little Ceasar's Hot n' Ready pizza's and their conveient location right down the road from my house, making it oh-so-easy to forgo any sort of cooking plans, because let's face it, cooking is work. 

 I'm thankful for Sprint, because without their terrible reception and horrible coverage, I wouldn't learn the value of patience every time FB has a "Network Error" or when Insta "can't refresh feed" or when Twitter tells me my request has "timed out." 
As my dad would say, it builds character.

I'm thankful for Michelle Obama and her Drink Up campaign, because without it I would've never known that drinking more water was good for me.
Thanks Michelle. I always knew you had my back.

And last but not least, I'm thankful for social media, because without it, I would never know what you all are thankful for.

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  1. love this!!! particularly the fermented grapes and hot and ready!!!

  2. haha this is so funny I can't quit laughing!

  3. haha yes. the wine one. the best. love this.

  4. I mean you are the classic gang member at heart haha I think you just use the Sun Devil clothing to cover up your agenda...haha j/k. I love everything you're thankful for also because I need to vent about Real Housewives with you and also not feel like I'm being judged:0) Great post!
    and yes wine is wonderful!

  5. I love that you put blogging down...! :D I didn't think gang member... I thought "hey, that looks like 'the shocker'" hahah

  6. haha this is great!! I couldn't agree more with the sprint one, gosh they drive me crazy! Was it just Minnesota or was everyone's service messed up two weekends ago where we couldn't even make or get calls all morning.

  7. Ha HA! I neverrrrrrrrrr watch my shows with Eric around. He makes life pretty miserable when I have them on!
    But seriously. It's kind of pathetic how much I'm addicted to social media and stalking everyone's lives :)

  8. such a good list. :)
    your posts always seem to make me smile!

  9. This post is hilarious! You seriously had me laughing out loud at every sofferent you were thankful for! I'll definitely following your blog for more laughs and posts like this one!



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