Tuesday, November 12, 2013

7 Things I Won't Blog About

One of my fav bloggers, Helene wrote a post a while ago about things she'll never blog about.
I wrote down the idea in my little Notes app in my phone, to save for a rainy day when I don't know what to blog about...or don't have enough energy to try and think of how to creatively write about my hunt last weekend.
One of the two.

I could probably agree with all 8 things Helene will never blog about, but I won't include all of those here in my post.
I've read too many college syllabi and academic integrity statements to know plagiarism is a no-no.

So, here's seven things I won't blog about:

1.) My house.
As in, the obligatory blogger "house tour," to show off how cute your digs are.
My husband says if I show you what the inside of my house looks like, you'll know the layout, so then when you decide to break in and rob me, you'll have a 'tactical advantage' cause now you know my floor plan.
So you know, no house tours here.

2.) Politics...except for this post
Cause people are mean.
And I'm a Republican, and I feel like everyone hates Republicans.
It's self-defense, really.

3.) Menstrual cycles.
Cause there's no place in blogland for period talk.

4.) My nails.
I can't lie, I'm a nail biter, and the only time my nails ever looked pretty was for my wedding day.
So sorry, no weekly "nail files" linky party, or party-nail pics, or whatever else kids do to their finger nails these days.

5.) The gym.
I'm terribly ugly when I work out. No one needs to see that.

6.) Recipes of all my clean eating.
My Hamburger Helper is packaged, and it's processed and I don't even care, cause it was on sale 
for 10 for $10.00.
Hey Betty Crocker, thanks for the help.

7.) Outfits of the day (i.e. #OOTD)...except for this one
Cause usually my outfits only consist of a bottom and a top, I wear the same jewelry everyday, and I never change my purse to match my outfits.
And that would make for one snooze-fest of a fashion blog.

And since my favorite number is seven, I'm gonna stop there.
Speaking of seven, shout out to Monica Gellar and her seven erogenous zones...

What things won't you blog about?!

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  1. HAHA I am gonna have a sponsored period post soon!! Don't hate me!

  2. Love you! And stop buying that Hamburger Helper stuff just because it is cheap. It is just gross.

  3. I love this!! And I think not talking about periods and politics should just be general life rules!!!!!!!!!

  4. haha yes to all of this you just hit me right on the head!

  5. haha!! yes love it! I am with you on all of this. even the house stuff- he does have a point!!

  6. I'm also a Republican, and I agree with all of the above! Number 6 really made me laugh!

  7. Omg my dad is the same in regards to house tours. So paranoid.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. the fact that you concluded it with a friends reference was the icing on the cake for me! :)
    LOVE this!

  9. lmao @ your hubby and the floor plan! I'll prob never show my place either just because I'm not crafty or a great decorator. But. I mayyy talk about my period. :P

  10. I'm not too much into politics, so I definitely won't EVER talk about that. I'm pretty sure that none of my readers would want to read that anyways :)

  11. I am SO with you on #1 (our husbands think alike), #2 (seriously why is everyone out to get us), and #4 (nail biter for life)!



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