Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Someday I Will...

Yesterday, when I read Taylor, over at The Daily Tay was hosting a link-up party today I immediately wrote it down in my planner so I wouldn't forget.
The Daily Tay is one of my absolute favorite blogs to read! Taylor is hilarious and I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to get my linkyparty on with her!

So without further Ado...

Someday I will...

...Finish a bottle of shampoo, or tube of mascara
I hate to make the effort to scrape out the last bits, so I always just move on to the next bottle.
Too much work.

...Stop using the word 'commercialing'
My mom tells me it's not a real word, but I just don't believe it quite yet.

...Be able to swallow a pill without gagging.
I swear I'm 26.

...Tell the server my order is wrong
I hate confrontation, so in the meantime I'll just eat this hamburger with the mustard on it anyway.

...Quit biting my nails
Unlikely, but maybe.

...Be right and my husband will be wrong.
It has to happen at some point in our lives right?

...Remember how to spell 'definitely' without spell-check fixing it for me every time

...Find a pillow that doesn't hurt my neck or give me a pillow headache every morning

...Take a selfie
I just can't get past the awkwardness yet.

...Learn HTML

...Have a clear vision and direction for my life plan
For now I'm still just trying to find the free food, and use my Student ID for as long as I can. 

What will you do someday? 

Go link up with Taylor!  

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  1. I swear we were always meant to be besties! I will stop biting my nails…never. I never finish shampoo or mascara. And I use spell check for EVERYTHING!

  2. ok.. but definitely is a really hard word to spell!! and why is my husband almost always right?! ugh i thought i was supposed to be the right one!?

  3. I learned how to spell definitely in the last year hahah. I separate it and sound it out in my head de-finite-ly hahah it has helped me ever since!

  4. i use to be the same way about definitely but then once I could remember that it ended with "nite" i could finally do it! same thing with weird and receive! I get them wrong every time! :) I always try not to tell a server my food is wrong but they can always tell by the look of disappointment on my face, I can never hide it! lol

  5. good post!

    would u like to follow each other?
    let me know!


  6. Haha, I always spell definitely wrong off the bat! Annnd I just did it again! I'd love to stop biting my nails but seems pretty impossible lol.

  7. I'm always nervous about telling the waiter my order is wrong- I feel like they might spit in my food! Great list!

  8. I've accepted that I will never be able to spell definitely without the help of spell check, there are just too many 'i's and 'e's and it always comes out wrong.

  9. I will only take selfies (and only for blogging reasons) if no one is watching. I'm waaay to embarassed to do it in front of other people

  10. I do the same thing with mascara. I probably waste so much!

  11. I'd probably just leave the burger uneaten- mustard... yuck!

  12. Someday, I will eat some peas.

    I'm Bon's sister btw.

  13. My arch nemesis word is restaraunt restauraunt restaurant. I spelled it 3 times because that's how many times it took to get it right. I will learn how to spell that. :)

  14. I had the same issue with a pillow - I finally found one especially designed for front sleepers and it's pretty perfect, so keep searching because your perfect pillow is out there. Oh and the trick to taking a pill is to have a little water in your mouth first so the pill doesn't stick to your tongue - I only learnt this 18 months ago, aged 27 and a half :) Great list x

  15. Yes yes and yes. Someone taught me how to remember definitely (I swear I'm not in fourth grade). De-fin it, Ely. So now absolutely imagine an old fisherman named ely de-finning a fish EVERY STINKING TIME I spell this word.

    almost not even worth it.

  16. This post is loaded with awesomeness!!! But let me say that I commend you for using your student I'd for as long as you can. Technically it's a student ID and if it gets you free food or a discount of movie tickets go for it. I hope I'm not a bad influence ;0)

  17. please help me with the nail biting and pillow when you figure it out!!



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