Monday, October 28, 2013

Dallas Part II

I almost didn't recognize blogger when I sat down to start writing this know, since it's been so freakin' long since I've done so.

...But oh boy did I just finish the most fantastic weekend ever! My sister got married, I had family in town, it was just the best.
BUT I still have other fun things to finish telling you about too, like my Dallas trip that happened earlier this month.
Remember when I started telling you about it here?
Let's finish shall we?!

After we spent an afternoon peeking through the windows of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum - you know, cause the government shut down and wouldn't let us in - we put on our best "Texas" outfit and headed out to a local honkey-tonk for some dancing, drinking, and best of all, my bff Kristy! 

I've known Kristy since the 7th grade. We went to school together until she and her family moved to Texas in the 8th grade but we've kept in touch ever since.
She was in my wedding, I was in hers, and fortunately she still has family out here in AZ, so whenever she comes to visit her family I get to see her too! It's a win-win, really.

So I made sure to let her know we'd be coming to Dallas and we needed to meet-up!
So that's what we did.

She took us all to Cowboys Red River where she tried to teach me to two-step, we had fireball whiskey for the first time (deeeelish), and it was Charlene's fake birthday.
Charlene's fake birthday was a spontaneous occurrence. She didn't plan it, neither did the rest of us, but it got her free drinks for the night so I think it was a good decision in the long run. 

It was a fantastic night, with terrible pictures. 
Cause the iPhone takes terrible pictures at night. You just can't get around it.
But you also just can't get around the fact that it was a fantastic night either.

Saturday was (insert trumpet noises here) game day!!! 
Charlene came up with the hashtag #friendshipdivided and I was kind of upset that I couldn't use it because I couldn't freakin' post anything on social media all night because I have Sprint and you can't get reception in Cowboys stadium
...or anywhere else for that matter.
But either way, it was indeed a friendship divided for the day.
Anywhere we went people would be like, "Whoa wait a minute. What's going on here?!"
You can tell them a few things:
"We make it work."
"We're frenemies."
"What do you mean??" 
All of which, were employed at least once throughout the day.

ASU lost, which is a total bummer, but the fact that we got to meet Luis Gonzalez made up for everything. Remember when we met Luis Gonzalez??
Gonzo made up for ASU's loss and the Bush Library being closed all in a matter of 
30 seconds.
Gonzo's pretty magical.
Then again, the entire day was pretty magical.

Sunday we went to church in the morning, and explored Downtown Dallas for the rest of the day.
 We ate lunch from food trucks at Klyde Warren Park, a beautiful public space on top of an overpass, and explored the Perot Museum of Science and History, where we saw the animal version of Body Worlds. 
If you don't know what that is, Google that shiz. 
They wouldn't let me take pictures inside.
Also, we learned the only difference between and goat and a sheep is the direction in which their tails wag. Goats go horizontal and sheep wag vertically.

You're a little bit smarter now thanks to that fun factoid.

The day was fabulous and my feet really hurt by the end of it all. And when your feet hurt you always know it means you did a good job of vacationing. 

Monday morning before we left for the airport, Erin and I went to Dealy Plaza and The 6th Floor Museum, where President Kennedy was assassinated.
They wouldn't let me take pictures inside either, so this is the only one I have for the day.
Learning about Kennedy, his Presidency, his assassination, and the aftermath was fascinating, and kind of eerie all at the same time.
When you go up to the 6th floor of the building, where the shooter shot Kennedy from, you look down onto the street and there's an X on the street marking the spot where Kennedy was killed.
It's pretty eerie. 

After the museum we had to head to the airport, return the rental, and wait for our flights home...womp womp.

A few rounds of MASH later and we were back in Phoenix before we knew it.
Good news, I get to live at Hogwarts with Luis Gonzalez as my husband.
Bad news, I have 12 kids.

So even though we didn't get to see what we went to Dallas for, the Bush Library and Museum, the trip was far from ruined and we had a ton-o-fun. 
And that's a lot of fun in case you don't know how much a ton of fun weighs. 
And plus, it just gives us another excuse to go to Dallas so we can 
actually go inside and see the Library next time. 
Dallas 2014!

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  1. I can't wrap my mind around a vertically wagging tail! Is it nodding? This is gonna drive me bananas! LOL

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  2. hahah MASH! YESS that is the best.
    also - y'all are all so cute it's disgusting ;)

  3. you have some cute friends!! looks like a great trip!!!

  4. You and your friends are so pretty! I love that three of them were wearing top knots when you guys went out haha!
    Glad you had a good time in Dallas. I want to go visit that city so bad!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. Bummer you couldn't use the fun hashtag :/



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