Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I think I've come up with a legitimate excuse as to why I never have my weekend wrap-ups written and posted promptly on Monday morning.  
It's because I don't want to write my weekend-wrap up on Sunday night just in case something fun happens last minute which, if I had prepared my weekend wrap-up ahead of time, would not have been included in the post.
Legit right?
I mean, nothing exciting happened last minute on Sunday night...truth be told, I folded laundry.
But that doesn't mean something fun, and spontaneous, and last minute couldn't pop up in the future. 
I like to leave my options open.

So now that I've spent a good few paragraphs trying to convince myself you I have good reasons for my blogging irregularity...let's get on with it, shall we?

Saturday was a super day.
I went a little Instagram crazy.
Insta-crazy, if you will.
Four pics in one day. That's a record for me.
But I guess it just means I actually did things worth taking pictures of?
I dunno. But you can totes follow me at MissRiss0409

So anyway, Saturday I slept in...until Gun-dog came and woke me up
It's ok though, I'm not even mad.
Who could be mad at a face like that?...his, not mine 
...Although people tell me it's hard to be mad at a face like mine too. And by people I mean Gunther.
See, me and Gunny, we're totally on the same wave length.

Then I decided I wanted to enjoy the warm weather before 'warm' means 115 degrees.
So I went over to my parents house eager to hang out by the pool, only to find my 
soon-to-be-brother-in-law (that was a heck of a lot of hyphens) working on the pool area. I forgot he and my dad were doing some renovation. 
BUT since I'm a grad student and I almost have a Master's degree I figured out that if the sun is shining on the pool side, surely it will be shining on the lawn too. 
So the lawn it was.

And while I was gettin' mah tan on, I took the recommendation of my dear bloggy friend Mosby over at Simplicity is Key, and I began The Happiness Project.
Love. It.
Get it.
Read it.

Saturday night we had a birthday party.
For my dog.
Cause Maycee turned four years old.
And who doesn't throw their dogs birthday parties anyway?
She hated the hat, but loved the bone with peanut I think she forgave me for the hat thing.
And don't worry, Gunther helped celebrate the good brother he is.
And then he stole her new chew toy we got for the good brother he is.
And then she stole it back and they proceeded to tug-of-war and beat each other the good siblings they are. 

Then on Sunday I got to go see my brand new niece again! 
She's finally home from the hospital and just as cute as she was last week
Exhibit A:
She slept the whole time I held her, which is fine cause I probably wouldn't know what to do if she started moving...or heaven forbid crying.
But that's ok. Cause we totally bonded as I was holding her and we agreed that she would never cry (or poop) when I held her...she just doesn't know it yet. I'll have to remind her next time we hang out.

So you know, it was a pretty good weekend. 
Can't complain.


  1. So glad you are enjoying the book!!

  2. We celebrate our dogs birthdays too!

  3. You had a great weekend!!
    I'm following you on instagram now...finally! :)
    And girl, i laid out this weekend too, it was beautiful...i'm NOT looking forward to the 100+ weather here either!

  4. your pups are so cute and I love that you had a birthday party for her!

  5. My dog wakes me up too. And puts me to bed. I don't even need a clock because I know she goes into her bed at exactly 10 pm and wakes me up by, at the latest, 8 am even on weekends. And I don't know why because she doesn't go outside and gets free fed so there's no reason! She turns 4 in April, I can't wait to have a party for her :)

  6. so cute! and look at all your comment love!! looks like your blog is getting some serious and regular attention! bravo! (and im supper jeally!)

  7. loving the pics of the pups! super adorable!! :)

  8. Aww! I love your pics! I don't know how I never followed you on instagram before, but I am now! That book is added to my books to read list. Always looking for a new one! And your niece is adorable! I love babies! Especially sleeping ones...



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