Thursday, March 21, 2013

Counting Down

Guess what?!

So in honor of there only being 49 days left of my entire academic career, I thought I'd make a list. A list of:

You know you’re a grad student 49 days away from your degree when...

-You turn things in late cause you just weren’t in the mood to do it on time

-It’s no longer imperative to read and respond to emails from professors and group members in
a timely manner. Eh, you’ll look at it later.

-Straight A’s are no longer your goal. A B sounds pretty dang acceptable

-Your motto becomes, “Who cares. Let’s just get through the class and graduate.”

-You no longer care to look up the correct form of an APA citation if you’re unsure…who cares.
Let’s just get through the class and graduate.

-You practice signing your name with three extra letters behind it (i.e. Carissa Townsend, BSW,

-You blog about being 49 days away from graduating

-You dream about never having to do homework again for the rest of your life

-You have nightmares about having to start paying your student loans

-You don’t even have a binder anymore. You’re school crap is all over the place.

-You don’t double check the guidelines before writing a paper...cause your school crap is all over
the place and you can’t find your syllabus

49 days and counting folks!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Almost there! My husband is starting grad school in the spring or summer and I am already stressed for him! :o) But what an accomplishment!

  2. Thank you for taking me back to 10 weeks before I earned my MBA! I SO relate to this! You're getting an MPA right? That's so amazing!

  3. Awesome! How exciting for you; what a great accomplishment! :)

  4. You spoke to my soul. I technically graduated with my M.S. in counseling in December, but I am completing a credential as well before walking in May. I feel your pain. Having already had my degree posted only amplifies the feelings like, "screw it, your GPA is posted at a 4.0, so no one has to know if you scrape by on the credential" lol. Keep your head up and you'll be there soon!



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