Friday, January 11, 2013

Oops I did it Again

I broke my cardinal rule...back to back link-ups.
Shoot dang.
That means I haven't blogged all week.
Shoot dang.

Oh well...onward and upward.

It's time for this week's edition of High Five for Friday with Lauren from From my Grey Desk
...that was two froms in a row, anyone else catch that?

1.) Last weekend we bought a new couch. I'm freakin' thrilled about this for a number of reasons:
1.) It's new furniture
2.) We scored a pretty good deal on it
3.) I finally have something to put my feet on!
That last one is the reason I'm most thrilled about, cause right now we don't have anything to put our feet on. No recliners, no ottoman, no nothin'. So now I can kick my feet up and stretch out!
As excited as I am for our new couch, I'm just as disappointed for ONE reason:
1.) It doesn't get delivered for THREE weeks.
That's a lot of weeks.
You know, all things considered.

2.) My new Erin Condren Lifeplanner arrived!!!
Two words: IN LOVE.
2013 can now officially begin.

3.) School started
This normally is not something that would be the highlight of my week, but considering it's the last time I will ever start a semester, I figured we might as well get this show on the road. That's right, I had my last first day of school this week and the countdown to graduation is now in full force!

4.) Found this awesome new app thanks to my friend Amanda over at My Love for Lyla
It's called Cuptakes and it has over 350 different (and way cute) home and lock screens for your iphone.
Check it.
You'll dig it.

5.) Got this shout out from Rachel over at Rachel's Country Roots 
Totally made my day. 
Go check out her blog, it's good stuff. ...and plus her dogs are really cute

I'm happy to say I survived my first full (an entire 5 days) week back at work after all the holidays. 
Survived, but definitely a doozy!

Happy Friday!


  1. 1. I love the couch. We are in need of one and that is what we want so bad! Very jealous and props on getting a wonderful couch!
    2. Thanks for the blog love. If you ever want to do a guest post let me know!!!

  2. UM. SERIOUSLY!!!! That couch?!?!! OMG FRIGGIN' LOVE IT!!! And supper jelly!!!! Can I sleep on it? Can I claim it for weekend visits? Forget the guest bed... this baby looks amazing!!!

  3. Will you please be my friend? This post is so me! Stopping by from the H54F link up and now I am a follower... Thank you for stopping by!
    1.We have a coffee table that I use as a foot rest...we need an ottoman
    2.I love that planner!
    3.I have two semesters left! Congratulations to you!

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Visit for more information!


  4. I LOVE that couch! We need new furniture.. first we've got to find the funds to buy it :) HAHA! I also love the background app.. it's awesome :) :) As for the last semester of school.. that is SO EXCITING!! You're almost done :D :D
    & I love that planner.. very fun! Do you design your own or something? :)

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  5. LOVE the couch--talk about awesome! :)
    And yay for your last semester--congratulations! That is awesome! Great job! :)
    Have a wonderful day! <3

  6. Hey girl!! I nominated you for a liebster award!!!

  7. I recently discovered those planners and I'm kinda bummed I already bought mine for 2013. What do you think?



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