Monday, January 14, 2013

For the Record

I would just like to say, for the record...that it was colder today in Arizona than it was in Alaska.


...and it still is.
It didn't get above 45 degrees today. And you could totally tell.
People were bundled up as if there were six inches of snow on the ground...myself included.

I didn't take my jacket or my scarf off all day (including inside my office).
I took the long way around to the cafeteria so I wouldn't have to walk outside.
I avoided the restroom at all costs because I didn't want to have to drop my pants and sit on a freezing cold toilet seat.
I didn't eat my orange I brought for lunch cause, well, it had been in the refrigerator...and the refrigerator is cold.
And my Facebook news feed is nothing but everyone posting about how cold it is.

Us Arizonans, we're never happy. 
We're mad in the summer when its too hot and 120 degrees and then we're mad in the winter when its too cold and 45. Which I think is kind of funny because I've seen a handful of bloggers post about how it's 50 degrees where they live and they're like "not bad for January! Feels pretty warm! I think I'll put some sandals on!"
In Arizona it's 50 degrees and the sky is falling.


By the way, I wasn't sure what city in Alaska to google to find out the weather. So I picked Sitka cause it made me think of the movie "The Proposal." 
With Ryan Reynolds.
And Ryan Reynolds is way cute.
And I always like to be reminded of Ryan Reynolds.

Oh and I remembered this really funny joke:
Carissa: What's the capital of Alaska?
Reader: I dunno, what?!
Carissa: I dunno, JUNEAU??
...get it? Juneau? D'you know? See what I did there?

Now that the husband is asleep I'm gonna go turn on my space heater. 

Stay warm out there, my friends. Cause out here in AZ, we're having a hard time figuring out how. 


  1. I hate the cold too!!! Stay warm!!!

  2. I CANNOT agree more about the toilet seat coldness! I just asked the hubs if he could buy me a toilet seat warmer... I was really serious haha



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