Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caught Red Handed: Bachelor Style

After a few seasons of seeing all the fuss about The Bachelor/Bachelorette all over the blogosphere, and threatening to watch it just so I could participate in all the fuss...and since I'm a sucker for peer pressure... I finally gave in.

I gave up my Bachelor V-Card and started watching.
Sounds weird.
But you know what I mean.

So I thought tonight would be the perfect night to catch up on last night's episode since Nate would be at lacrosse practice. There's a list of shows I can only watch when Nate's not home. Cause if I watch them while he's home he surely will pass judgement on me.
Which is fine. 
Cause sometimes I pass judgement on myself for watching trashy reality TV. 
But hey, everyone's got their skeletons right?

Anyway, tonight, as I was happily eating my spinach ravioli from Costco, and totally devouring the quality programming before me ...Nate came home.



It wasn't even during a commercial break, so I couldn't even have tried to change the channel and act like I was watching River Monsters or something. 
Nope, I was caught red handed with the TV on in all it's Bachelor glory.

It didn't take long before Nate asks, "why are we watching this?"
It didn't take much longer for the commentary from the peanut gallery to start:

"That's not where you're gonna find love stupid."
"What's with her face?"
"This show is dumb. All it is, is a bunch of drama."
Me: "Nate it's almost over..."
Nate: "good, this is annoying."

Whatever. Nate likes "You've Got Mail," so...there.

Early favs:
Leslie M.


aaaaand that's kind of it. They had the most air time in this week's episode, so I don't really know about the other ones yet.
Except for Sarah...she had a lot of air time, but she kinda sounds like Kourtney Kardashian to me, and I don't like it when things remind me of the Kardashians.

Looks like I have plans every Monday night for the foreseeable future...


  1. HAH my hubs is the same way except I get him to watch PLL and now he loves it! I have to sneak some shows though like this one!

  2. I totally do this when Paul is gone; any trashy Bravo show is off limits when he is in the house, but as soon as he leaves my brain turns to mush the minute I turn on the TV and watch the drama. Good to know that other wives do this as well!



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