Friday, January 18, 2013


It's Friday...and you guessed it:
Time for another edition of H54F, linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk

Let's get down to it shall we? Cause I just got done posting a zillion things on the discussion board for my online class, and as much as I want to go to sleep I just can't pass up a good H54F.

1.) Last weekend I took Maycee and Gunther on a walk with my mom and her dog (Hammick), and uncle Hammy loved showing them his neighborhood.
"...and to your left you'll find the mailbox post that smells really good, and up ahead you'll want to stop and try some of the dead grass I just love to eat." 
The fence to the school yard was even unlocked so they got to run around like the wild animals they are.

Seriously, presh right?!

2.) I finally got around to switching out all the pictures in my hallway picture frame wall. Since they'd been the same since we moved in... like 3 years ago, I figured they could use some updating.

3.) Tickets have been officially purchased.
Oh yeah.
Can't wait to get our T-Swift on for the third year in a row with my dear friend Kayla from The Lindholm Life.

4.) My new rest came in for my bow.
In case you missed it, I got a bow for in bow and arrow.
And I've been getting my Hunger Games on a lot lately.
And the rest is the part of the bow that the arrow, well, rests on, before it gets flung...hopefully the husband's not reading this cause he'd be like "what the eff kind of a description is that??"
I'm still a newb, so I still don't know what everything does or why it does it.
Workin' on it.
 The husband's all excited and tells me what a nice rest it is and all the fancy technology behind it and all the good it will do for my shooting. 
But since I don't really know what all of that means yet, quite frankly I'm just excited cause it's pink.
And the more pink I can get on my bow, the better.

5.) I started planning our trip to New Mexico to see the King!
In case you missed it, I was an awesome wife this Christmas and got Nate tickets to see Yours Truly in concert. And since he's never seen him live before, and it's his last tour, it's gonna be extra awesome.
But since George isn't coming to Phoenix for his last tour ever, Nate and I are road-tripping it out to New Mexico. And since the concert is over our anniversary weekend, we're gonna make a mini-vacay out of it. ...which by the way, there's so much more to do in New Mexico that I thought.
Pleasantly surprised.

Happy Friday folks!!


  1. You are amazing..I struggle with a bow and arrow! I bow down to you!

  2. Look at you updating photos!! Nice work! Totally jelly over the Tswift... for the THIRD year in a row!

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting Love.Laughter.Happily Ever After. I adore how honest you are in the "about me" section. Such truth and heart! Your blog is super cute, too! Cant wait to follow along :)

  4. Hey hey! Thanks for stopping by Toby's Tails blog! Love Taylor Swift but I'm actually loving Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran right now! It's on my favorites list on my iTunes! That concert will be great!!! :)

  5. A bow and arrow? That is so freaking cool! I love the Hunger Games.

  6. Love the setup of your pictures in your hallway! We just got our place painted and I desperately need to put pictures up. Also, super jealous of T.Swift tix. What an amazing concert that will be :)



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