Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Ever Guest Post Extravaganza

Hi folks!
So today, I have a special treat for you. 
My awesome bloggy friend Rachel and I are guest posting for each other!
Woop woop!
Are we out of town and can't blog? No.
Are we sick and need someone to fill in for us? No.
We just wanna swap blogs for the day cause we thought it'd be fun.
And Rachel is pretty dang cool.
So there.
So check out Rachel from Rachel's Country Roots below, and check me out over at her neck of the woods here.

So without further ado, I give to you...

Hey guys! Rachel here over at Rachel's Country Roots. Carissa asked me to guest post which I am super happy about it! She is super sweet and awesome. She can hunt with a bow and she loves country music like I do. I feel like we are long lost twins! 

No..maybe? If not long lost twins...we are just going to be best friends one day..I can tell!

She also has the cutest dogs ever. Love seeing those little pooches!!! And her hubs? Awesome guy! How can you not! He is a straight up country man! She even dressed up her dogs before..love it! Carissa is one heck of a chick! Love her!

So I blog about the most random stuff that just pops up into my head! For those who do not know who I am, here is a quick preview! I love cowboy boots, my bedroom is done in camo, I love my pups, anything monogrammed, have a wonderful country hubs of a few years and I am a little bit stalker-ish about Miranda Lambert. In fact..just saw her over the weekend!

I acted like a complete fool but it was worth it! I believe that it is okay though because
a. I will never see these people again
b. You should be allowed to "let your hair down" every now in then
c. Who cares??

No but for real I danced like a fool and did not care. Another lovely girl was fist pumping..not up in the air but directly in front of her..Bless her heart! I also flat footed..fun times right there y'all.  A country concert is just the best place to dance your inner redneck out!! Miss Riss here is going to be seeing T-Swift here soon in the May...in which she will dance her heart out and be a little redneck country girl and have the time of her life! 

To sum it all up...Carissa and me are two country chicks who love country life, our country hubs, our dogs,country music,hunting, the bachelor, and all the other good things in life! 

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