Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A to the Z Weekend

I decided to tag along with Nate this weekend since he was headed up North to go check his game cameras for his hunt next weekend. I was off for the weekend and a trip out of town combined with some nice weather and some quality "husband" time was sounding pretty perfect!...Although I would hardly call it "quality" time when Nate's in hunting mode AND with one of his hunting buddies...then it's like, double hunting mode, turkey on the brain, can't-think-of-anything-else-to-talk-about mode.
But whatevs, I don't mind. And like I've said before...I know who I married!

We spent most of Saturday afternoon driving around kingdom come to check each of Nate's 2 cameras and his buddy Jake's 5 cameras...each in a different spot. For those of you unfamiliar with hunting, a hunter can attach a camera to a tree that is motion censored and thus, takes a picture every time something moves...namely animals. The idea is that the hunter can see if the animal they're hunting frequents their spot often enough. 

It's actually kinda cool to look at all the pictures. It's like, you're spying on the wilderness or something. Gotta let them animals know big brother is always watching right?!
Jake had a bobcat on one of his cameras and Nate had a big 'ol bear on one of his!

 Anyway, we drove from spot to spot, hiking out to where the camera's were last left, they laid down some feed and off we went to the next spot.
 Jake's daughter Marissa was totally keeping Nate in check. She was all like, "be careful!! That is my dad's only bag!" as he was laying down the corn.
 The weather was so nice, driving around the back roads with the windows down, the unpaved roads and cool breeze almost kind of like, lulled me to sleep. I dozed off a few times in the truck, it was so relaxing. ...Is that weird?!
Whenever Nate is driving around up North he's always looking for animals...cause that's what he does. But whenever he spots something I can never seem to find it. He tells me it's cause I have bad eye sight and can't follow direction, but clearly it's because he can't give clear directions.
At any rate, Saturday I saw a total of 6 deer and 5 elk and I was pretty dang pumped about it! Jake's girlfriend Stormy was able to get a couple pics from the truck. Can you find the deer?

One of Jake's cameras was down in a canyon of sorts, and I won't even lie...as we were hiking down I felt a little bit like I was in the Forbidden Forest, a la Harry Potter...

Sunday morning Nate and I took the dogs on a walk to the creek not far from the cabin we stayed at. 
Nate and Maycee
..seriously guys, could you BE any cuter?!
It's a little impossible for the dogs to look at the camera on a self-timer shot, so we'll take what we can get...
Before we left to head back down to the Valley some fishing was in order...or rather, for Nathan...I didn't wanna fork out the money for the license and the trout stamp that seems to have doubled in price, just for the weekend.
We cut across the football field at Camp Tontozona, to which Jake justified simply because I was wearing an ASU shirt...which must grant us special privileges, in order to get to our fishing spot. 
Go Devils!!

I don't know how these boys always find the coolest places to go, but it was seriously...so cool!
Jake getting Marissa's Dora the Explorer fishing pole ready
 Would you believe me if I told you were were still in Arizona?!
Believe it.
Cause were.
Cause AZ is pretty dang awesome if you ask me.
Doing a little relaxing by the water

Fishing hole #2

The weather was so perfect, with the perfect cool breeze, and the perfect sound of the running water...it made me take a perfect nap...on the rocks...in the sun...and it was perfect. And I liked it.

I haven't had a weekend filled with as many perfect-weather-induced naps in a long time.
And I better not get too comfy cause the triple digits are-a-comin!!


  1. Confession: Never thought there was much to AZ. Now I want to come and see it! It looks so pretty:)

  2. Your pictures are amazing! There's definitely nowhere close to where I live in Indiana that looks like that. So jealous! Your pups are adorable!!! :) Yey for naps in the sun and great weekends :) xo



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