Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes I think "every time" is one word and type it as such, everytime
Always spell check says: Nay! Split those words up girlfriend!

Sometimes I see people mention that "blogger protocol" means posting only once a day
Always: ...who made up that rule, firstly? And secondly...I break it all the time

Sometimes I get freaked out about starting a new job
Always: Remember how miserable you are in your current job, tell yourself you're 25 years old and it's time to stop being afraid of change.

Sometimes I can't bring myself to take out more student loans
Always: close my eyes, hold my breath, and click the "accept" button 'cause you ain't got thousands of dollars sittin' in the bank to pay for it yourself!

Sometimes I feel like a bad @$$ when I kill a fly
Always: Remind yourself was just a fly
But really, to whack a fly right off of the wall with my shoe, when they're usually all fast and quick and need some skill for that right?! 

Sometimes I think Justin Bieber looks like a girl
Always: ...I think Justin Bieber looks like a girl

Sometimes I think Hunter Hayes is the country version of Justin Bieber
Always: Hunter Hayes is way cuter, a little bit older, looks like an actual dude, way more talented and I may just have a bit of a crush on him.
...I'm gonna wish I had a storm warnin'...

Sometimes I can't read the crazy letter combo's that blogger makes you type in order to leave a comment on a blog
Always: wonder, does this mean I'm a robot? I mean, the disclaimer reads, "to make sure you're not a robot" please enter the following...


  1. Oh my! Blogger Protocol?! Seriously...yeah I think that is something most people just ignore! Oh and I cannot ever read those things either! Guess we are robots together!

  2. I definitely can't read those things either.. Sometimes it makes me do it two or three time.. Then I feel like maybe I am a robot.. Hahahahah! :)

  3. Boy do I wish I had the energy to post once a day! I try to post every other day just because it's still a consistent and regular method of posting... but even that takes a toll on me at times. As nice a job blogging is, it would be nice to be able to take a break or vacation here and there! LOL

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi



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