Thursday, May 17, 2012

That's a Wrap

I'm not sure if anyone else heard it today, but all day long I kept hearing the sound of angels singing, and choruses of hallelujah, and melodious harp music coming from the sky. 

Just me?

Well in case you heard it too I'm pretty sure it was because today was my last day at the pharmacy.
Yes, I said last. day. at. the. pharmacy.

And as such I did the following:
-Called the last insurance company for the last override for someone's mail order prescription that hasn't arrived yet.

-Mixed my last bottle of amoxicillin and successfully made it through 3 years without having one explode on me as I mix it

-Had my last argument with the last patient that I don't know why they keep getting phone calls that say they have a prescription ready. There is nothing here for you.
...I dunno, try deleting your voicemail messages maybe? Just a thought.

-Called the last Dr.'s office for the last time to see if the last Oxycontin script I took is fake

-Exchanged the last prescription from a 30 day supply to a 90 day supply for the last time because chatty cathy was too busy yackin' on her cell phone to pay attention to what she was getting

-Tried (in vain) for the last time to explain to the last patient what a prior authorization is

-Sold the last prescription for Viagra to the last creepy old man that smells as if he hasn't showered in 3 days

-Called the last Dr.'s office for the last time to see if John Doe can fill his Oxycodone prescription early because he's "going out of town" and needs it right away because he's in so much paaaaiiiinnnnnn

I should stop there. Thinking about all of this again is starting to put me in a bad mood.
Anyway, I had to clean out my drawer and collect my belongings on the way out. I ended up walking out of the doors with a bag that included:
-2 coffee tumblers
-bag of carrots
-antacid tablets
-bottle of caesar dressing
-tube of cortisone lotion
-2 packs of gum
-AZ State Board of Pharmacy requirements for continuing education credits
-3 name tags
-bag of cough drops
-couple spoons
-few packs of crystal light drink mix
-and a small unicorn

Just kidding about that last part.
But everything else is true.
 ...although a small unicorn would be a pretty good consolation prize, no?

Oh and some flowers that Tanya dropped off for me for my last day via drive-through. She asked for me by name when I picked up the phone to lane 1. I didn't recognize her voice and she got me all scared like, "Oh here we go, what did I do now?" When I walked over there only did I find her lovely face ready to pass me these lovely sunflowers through the drive-through drawer
What a nice gal that Tanya is. She's going to pharmacy school to be a pharmacist..cause she's braver than me.
And smarter.
And braver.

So I can now say that my career as a pharmacy technician has ended. After 3 years I am officially retired.
I sarcastically asked out loud today to one of my co-workers, "what am I gonna do without the pharmacy in my life?" and he replied with:
"be a little happier."

Why yes, no pharmacy in my life I think is just the trick to be a little bit happier

Come Monday, it's Big girl job or bust!!!!!


  1. I was so hoping the unicorn was true. and a bag of carrots? too funny.

    1. I know the unicorn was definitely a let down...I couldn't even find like, a bag of glitter or anything =( ...Hah!

  2. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous flowers :)



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