Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five for Friday

Time for another edition of High Five for Friday over at Lauren's blog!
Here are my 5 favorite things from this week in no particular order...

1.) It rained...yes, sometimes it does that in AZ. 
But Wednesday it like, RAINED rained if you know what I mean. Like monsoon rains! And it came out of nowhere and lasted longer than 5 seconds (cause Arizona rain tends to do that) and smelled fresh and rainy for the next 24 hours and made me really happy.

2.) I found this bad boy at Wally World:

3.) Happy hour at Valle Luna with my dear friend Mckenzie
Often times when we have our dinner/happy hour dates we talk about how she needs to start a blog...but it just hasn't happened yet. So I thought I didn't want to be annoying and keep bugging her about it... but then when I brought it up again she said the only way it will happen is if I AM annoying about it and make sure she does it. So I figure, what better way to be annoying about it than to put her on blast on the world wide web?! So Mckenzie...I hope you're reading this =) And I hope it inspires you to start your blog. ...or else I may have to lay down a whoopin'...

4.) So my father-in-law Carl randomly texted me this week to ask if I knew that Ricky Nelson went to a garden party. 
Remember my garden party I had last weekend? ...Check it out here
I had no idea what he was talking about until Nate and I googled it.
Turns out I totally could've played this song at my garden party and I didn't even know it existed.

Whatever Carl. 
I told him he was holding out on me and this song could've made our dinner in the garden THAT much better. So from now on whenever I decide to throw a themed dinner party I'm gonna run it by him first and see if he can find me a theme song for it.
He replied with, and I quote:
"You the boss apple sauce."
...I think we're on to something.   

5.) I only have to go to work at the pharmacy for 5 more days. Why you ask?!
...Cause I went and found me a big girl job!!

5 days and counting.
I feel like I should make a paper chain or something... 

Hope everyone else's weeks were just FAB!


  1. Hooray for a big girl job!!! :) I'm excited for you!! And happy Friday :) xo

  2. Yay for a new job!! Hope you love it:)

  3. I got a new email...
    Will u send me the email u tried sending so long ago to it?

    1. Ok I just sent it! ...let's cross our fingers! Haha!

    2. I got it!!! I didn't get a chance to write back yesterday but I will today sometime!! :) xo

    3. Oh good!! I was afraid the universe was telling us we shouldn't email! Hahaha! Phew!! =)

  4. It is true ladies and gents... the ONLY way I am going to get a blog started here is by Rissa bugging me everyday (or almost everyday). Thanks for the shout out Rissa... you da best :)

    Oh and about the blog... I'm working on it! :)

    1. Start a blog! It's so much fun and you will get connected with some amazing women :) I'll follow you for sure :)

    2. HAHAHAHA!! Love it!!! ...glad you're working on it!! Now we just need to find time to get together for pizza, wine, and blog night!! =)

    3. Thanks Amanda!

      YESSS, I am going to start it this weekend if it's the last thing I do! Then we will have a pizza, wine, and blog night!

  5. Valle Luna is AMAZING for happy hour! hope you girls enjoyed yourselves. :)

    1. Thanks Ashley!! may just have to join us one of these days!! =)



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