Friday, May 18, 2012

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren again today for my top five things from this week!

1.) This week concluded my career as a pharmacy tech.
Praise Jesus.
 I won't elaborate much more because I'm sure you all are tired of hearing about it...if not check out my post here

2.) I paid off TWO credit cards
Praise Jesus.

3.) Mckenzie created her will be live in no time once we get it "pretty" (her words not mine, because I'm sure whatever Mckenzie does or creates is pretty)

4.) I actually cooked dinner one night AND did a workout video once this week
Baby steps here people, baby steps...

5.) I went shopping at Barnes and Noble my mom's book shelf. 
It's true. Her bedroom contains her own personal Barnes and Noble. BUT since she's now a Nook convert guess who gets first dibs on all those books?!
That's right...this girl!!!
I walked away with a good 11 or so books to start on...and all for free! well they should be, cause if my mom made me pay her to take her books off her hands we may have to have some words...
I finally decided to stop being a Harry Potter snob and read the Hunger Games. I know, I'm giving in. Stephanie Chapman if you're reading this... please don't hate me...Ravenclaw's for life! =)

Happy Friday Everybody!! 


  1. Ok, I'm totally jealous!!

    1. paying off 2 credit cards--geeze louise

    2. your mom's library is crazy awesome

    Cute blog :)

  2. Hooray for you!! Wow, so happy for you :) 2 credit cards and a big girl job, that's huge! So proud of you. Let me know about the books.. I can't decide if I should read the Hunger Games or not :) happy Friday! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Amanda!!...and I will certainly let you know how the books go! =) your email, made me smile! Write you back soon!

  3. wow congrats on paying off 2 credit cards yeah and wow you scored some great books at your mom's. I love the Hunger Games series. The movie is pretty good as well. I love your blog and I'm your new follower! would love a visit when you can :)

  4. 11 books?! whoa. That would take me a few {thousand} days. I used to read all the time ... now ... I blog. so sad.

    anyways, I couldn't track down your email, so I'm commenting here instead. ;) I wanted to say that your comment made my night. truly.

    anti-cooks unite!

  5. Can I come shopping at your moms house too? Her collection is crazy big. I loved the hunger games, hope you do too!!



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