Monday, October 24, 2011


So it's no secret, by evidence of my last post, that I went to the Taylor Swift concert last weekend with my dear friend Kayla Lindholm, her husband Kenny, her soon-to-be sister-in-law, and her brothers.

And lemme tell ya...
It was everything I was dreaming of and more.

Did we sing along to every word of every song?
Yes. Yes we did.

Did we put our hands in the shape of a heart like Ms. Swift does?

Did we scream like little 12 year old girls when Taylor came on stage?

Taylor told us that our crowd was better than Friday night's crowd, that we were really really nice, and really really loud, and Phoenix always has the best fans ever. 
...I'm just sayin'.
I'm sure she doesn't say that to every city she goes to either.

Kayla and I went to her show the last time she was in town for her Fearless tour...and T-Swift has totally upped her game. 
She was flying on balconies, frolicking on bridges, popping out of giant golden bells, sparks flew, we were Enchanted and then we were Haunted, and she did it all faster than you can say sabotage.

In the middle of the show she took a journey to the back (ish) part of the arena and did a set of songs on this podium thing leaning up against a tree, and lemme just say, it was the closest I've ever been to her! ...I wanted to reach out and touch her pretty blonde curls...
Ok, maybe she wasn't that close, but compared to last years upper-level balcony seats, we were doin' pretty good. 

Next year, I will FIND a way to get a hug from her and tell her we should hang out.

Eventually the show had to end, which is weird cause I was expecting it to last for eternity and I wouldn't have to do anything else in life but hang out at the T-Swift concert. So, needless to say, Kayla and I had our sad faces on when it was time to leave.

I really wanna be friends with Taylor. Like, have slumber parties, hang out, and have coffee together kind of friends.

One of her backup singers she met randomly in a meet-and-greet line at one of her concerts.
 So I figure there's still hope for me.

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