Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alderwood Creek

This weekend Nate and I went camping with my family at Alderwood Creek.

...Oh and our next door neighbor Roscoe
He was the Golden Retriever camping next door to us that wandered on over frequently. Since Hammick doesn't know how to play with other dogs, and Maycee is kind of a batch, Gunny and Roscoe were BFF's for the weekend.

 This was no ordinary camping trip though. It marks the first time in 20 years that my mother actually went camping!

That's right, she slept in a tent, used a port-a-potty, froze her tush off, and ate s'mores. And the best part is...she totally survived!
Everyone else arrived ahead of Nate and I since we both couldn't get off work; which might've turned out to be a good thing since it rained Friday and, as I'm told, was

Exhibit A
(Notice Hammick bottom left under the blanket too)
...And since I wasn't there to have to endure the cold front I can totally make fun of them for these pictures and tell them they're just weenies and it couldn't have been that cold. 

Once Nate and I finally got there we all headed out for a hike leisurely nature walk. Naturally, the dogs took off like bats outa hell and immediately found the water...well, the labs anyway. 

We came to point where we had to cross the water so Nate found us the best route and helped us all over...including my mom. She camps, she crawls over logs, I mean, seriously, what can't this woman do??

On the other side was a hanging rope with a foot loop and when Nate decided to swing from it the dogs went into pinata mode...

Daddy in his element...

We also found some raspberry bushes; Nate ate them right off the vine...I wasn't that brave

After our hike leisurely nature walk we headed back to camp and a very serious game of corn hole ensued...

Can you tell the level of seriousness?

After the cut-throat bean bag toss, a slight afternoon drizzle, and ASU beat Utah (Go Devils!) it was time for dinner. And lemme tell ya, Adam is camping chef extrodinaire. We had carne asada burritos cooked over the camp fire...DELISH

While dinner was cooking we got a little 2nd Amendment 101; some 'Guns for Beginners,' if you will. We weren't in a area to shoot in, but Nate started showing some of his firearms to my parents, who've, until now, probably never even seen one in real life. And he's always happy to talk about guns. 

After some s'mores, some cool stuff you can throw in the fire to make it turn fun colors, and a bunch of laughs, we retired to our tents...ours of course with the Mr. Heater Buddy (neener neener neener!)

The next morning, after some more tasty food cooked by none other than Adam himself, we cleaned up our stuff and headed back home. It was fun to actually be chilled and wear a sweatshirt for once. That and my mom is now officially a camper! Nate says until she sleeps outside on a cot with no tent and no port-a-potty, she's still a novice.
...and a novice she shall stay...cause that ain't neva gonna happen!
You go mama!


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