Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall...or lack thereof

So everyone's been posting about fall and how much we loooove fall and we're so pumped to do all these fall-y things, and I've been pretty excited for the changing of the seasons myself. But quite frankly, I 'm starting to feel kind of gypped (is that a real word?).

It's hard not to feel gypped out of fall when your 10 day forecast looks like this:
Stupid right?

There were a couple days last week, and when I say a couple, I do mean a mere 2 days, where it was overcast and rained a bit and I got really excited thinking the summer heat was finally over. We even...dare I say...Opened the screen doors! But Phoenix weather is teasing me and I really don't appreciate it, cause here we are again looking at 90+ degree weather. 

I've had a couple of these...
...but they've been iced.

Can't wear any of these lovely fall clothes...

...cause it's too hot and I'll get armpit rings

Our air conditioner is still running, the towels on my leather car seats are still on, and no matter how many times I try and study outside on the patio I am always forced back inside by the heat of the sun.

C'mon Phoenix, I knoooow you want to cool down... just let it out already!

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