Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here's how I spend my Friday nights these days

Are you jealous?

I mean, I realize hanging out with friends... or maybe even your spouse, going out to eat, seeing a's all very fun and exciting. But really, it can't compare to writing about, say, administrative procedures and the political control of bureaucracy, or even corporate political expenditures and the signals its sends the American public bureaucracy.

...any takers??

I'm starting to keep track of time by assignment due dates. 
"Is today the 14th?" someone asks at the office today.
"Why yes it is," I think to myself. "Cause today is the day my lit review is due...that I haven't started yet."

"What's the date next Monday?" I"m asked.
"The 17th." I reply without pause. "...Cause that's the day my video analysis is due," I think to myself.

At least I can say the homework timeline I made, hung up at my desk, on my mirror, and on the front of my binder, so I don't forget about anything is serving it's purpose.

Is it December yet?

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  1. aww Rissa! This post is grueling, funny, and at the same time I smile just remembering how crazy life is when you are in school! I am so proud of you for tackling your Master's Degree, while married, hubby away with military assignments, taking care of two pups, working, and keeping a household running! You are quiet amazing! And I totally wish I could be doing homework with you! We could be drinking yummy starbucks and cramming to finish those assignments! XOXOX!!



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