Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Play by Play

So I have this funny thing that I do with my dad that I was really never consciously aware of until tonight when I was watching the ASU game (which was a total bust, by the way). We always seem to text one another whenever there's a game on, and continue to offer color commentary between the two of us for the duration of the games...commentary, or smiley's-my dad likes to reply in smiley's. It usually starts when something good happens for the hometown team and one of us will text the other something resembling this:

(Usually means touchdown, homerun...anything totally awesome) 

Tonight while we were texting during the ASU game, my phone accidentally skipped to earlier conversations and I started to scroll through and read them and thought they were both funny and illustrative of this habit we have. So I thought I'd share:

Rissa, Gary King

Rissa: I think its clear that these announcers can't mention osweiller without also mentioning 6ft 8...we get it! He's 6ft 8!
Gary King: :)
Rissa: If we were alcoholics we cud take a shot of something every time they say 6ft 8
Gary King: Rotfl !!! Yes they just said it again
Gary King: Yeah baby!!!
Rissa: Too bad there's not a smiley for that...
Gary King: :)
Gary King: Zang
Gary King: Boy this is a fast footbal game
Rissa: Its cause were watching baseball...just seems fast :)
Gary King: Owwwwwwww
Rissa: Pretty sneaky!!
Gary King: What is sneaky?
Rissa: That trick play!
Gary King: Yeah baby!  They were sleeping
Rissa: Zzzzzzz (=|

Rissa: R u watching the game? This is a painful inning...ouchie
Gary King: No golfing
Rissa: I forgot! Hope you're having fun! Dbacks just got pummeled in the 3rd inning 4-0 bad guys

(I just want to preface this one and say it was the game when Ryan Roberts hit a walk off grand slam in the 10th inning after going down 6 runs in the 9th)
Rissa: Are you watching this game???
Gary King: Yesh but going to bed now...wait you are talking about Dbacks
(couple hours later)
Rissa: OMG I wish you were awake right now!! Dbacks just won!!!!! Walk off GRAND SLAM!! Woop woop!!
( morning)
Gary King: I quit in the tenth when LA went up by one due to a passed ball.  Unbeleivable comeback

(Can you tell when our defense started to go down the tubes tonight?)
Gary King: Hey hey 7-0 to start !!! Better then the other way
Rissa: Hahaha! This is true!!
Rissa: ...And now tied is better than behind I suppose too! Haha
Gary King: Oops 14-14 now but still the same point
Rissa: +3...yipee!...I wanna win this one :s
Gary King: :)
Rissa: EEW
Gary King: Eeeeeewwww !!!

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