Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Everyday in May: Days 21 and 22

Day 21's topic of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge (which I clearly have not fulfilled): 
A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Some of my favs...if I do say so myself:

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Day 22: Rant about something

Umm, so I've wanted to rant about something for a long time.
Scratch that.
I rant about something all the time in my head, and I've never been brave enough to rant about it in public...cause I don't want people to get all offended and be mean and leave anonymous comments on my blog.
Cause I don't have thick skin and you'll probably make me cry.
But whatever, I suppose today is the day.

I get really annoyed when national tragedies become a cliche.

It sounds really cold and harsh, but stay with me - there's a couple facets to this.

Firstly, what I mostly mean is when the tag line becomes, 
"Pray for Boston," or "Pray for Oklahoma," or "Pray for Newtown." 
I do think we should be praying when terrible things happen, AND I do think it's awesome that people want to bring awareness and unite all of us in prayer.

BUT...are you really praying for Boston? Or Oklahoma? Or Newtown? Or did you just post about it on your various social media outlets because it's trending, or because it's a nice tag line, or because you want people to think you're a good person, or because you think everyone else should be praying but not you?

Ugh, that sounds so judgmental just typing it, but you know what I mean right? Are you really praying for victims or are you just posting about it 'cause everyone else is?

Secondly, why are we only praying when a national tragedy strikes? 
Thirdly, why is it ok to pray when a national tragedy strikes, but any other time we as Christians, want to be vocal about our faith, it's considered unacceptable, or annoying, or preach-y, by the mainstream?
That tells me that our society says it's ok to tell people to pray when something bad happens, but it's unacceptable to tell people to pray about something that may not be the latest news headline, or to pray when good things are happening, or to even acknowledge that God answered prayer and thank him for how awesome things are.

Am I making any sense?

God is not a cosmic vending machine.
We shouldn't only be going to him when we need something.
Like help for Oklahoma, or Boston, or Newtown. 

Rant officially over.

I lied.
One more thing...
I hate it when men refer to inanimate objects as "sexy."
It's weird right??

Done now.

Later skaters.

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