Friday, May 24, 2013

Quan, 2, 3

About a year ago I was offered a full time summer internship with the 

Department of Economic Security.
The Department was embarking on a new project, and hired three interns to help start it.
Two of which, included myself and a girl named Quan.

When they told me I would be working with two other interns and gave me their names, I wasn't sure if "Quan" would be a girl or a guy.
I was hoping it would be a girl.
I like making new girlfriends.

Turns out Quan is a girl.
And we became friends.

And then after a year of working together, she left me last month.
And now I'm flying solo and I'm really sad about it.

So here's a list of 10 things I miss about working with my good friend Quan:
1.) Coffee time in the mornings

2.) Soda time in the afternoon - anytime between 2:15 and 2:30pm

3.) "Smoke breaks."
We felt slighted that the smokers in the office got to go hang out and smoke for a few minutes multiple times a day. So we decided to take walks around the capital a couple times a day and called it even.
Our favorite spot was behind the capital building where it's shady, and quiet, and has trees with eyeballs in them.
Can you see the Angel on top of the Capitol Dome?

4.) I miss coming around the corner and seeing Quan with a huge knife in her hand...peeling her fruit

5.) I miss her awesome artwork 

6.) I miss passing notes during meetings about the new One Direction CD

7.) I miss using her name to count to three
Actually, I won't even lie, I still do that.
Or using a combination of both her name and my name to count to one thousand
"Quan Townsend 1, Quan Townsend 2,..." 

8.) I miss having my own personal Microsoft Excel guru in the cube next to me every time I have a question about sorting, or filtering, or equations or whatever...

9.) I miss Googling cute guys to see who's celebrity crush is hotter

10.) I miss getting to work 20 minutes late, thinking I was the last one...and then Quan walks in, 25 minutes late, and then we laugh about it and complain about how full the parking garage is, and that (heaven forbid) we had to park on the left side, instead of the right.
I'm bad at parking on the left side.

I'm really bummed I don't have my work buddy anymore, and it must be showing.
The cash register lady in the cafeteria keeps asking where my "twin" is.
The lady from accounting that always flosses her teeth in the bathroom during lunch asks me how my friend is doing and that I "must be missing her."

But that's ok. 
Cause we can totally make this long distance relationship work.
I send her pictures like this...
...with captions like, "In case you've already forgotten what I look like."
We text each other when we find a good pop song worth sharing (i.e. Hot Chelle Rae "Hung Up"), and even though we're not in the same state anymore, I'm almost positive we're still on the same 
hair-washing schedule.

I feel like everyone should have a Quan.
Cause she's that awesome.
And I'm so glad we became friends in the time we spent working together!

Miss you girlfriend!!

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  1. What a sweet post! She sounds like tons of fun. :)



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